Composed of intimate horoscope compatibility Zodiac signs

Составлен гороскоп интимной совместимости знаков Зодиака

Planets of the Solar system are constantly moving and forming certain combinations. There is Sun and Moon, the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the eight planets. Venus and Mars – two planets related to Hobbies, love and passions. Astrologer Marina Skadi drew up a horoscope, which is based on the characteristics of the typical representatives of the Zodiac signs.

The beginning of the Zodiac is Aries, a fire sign, the first pulse, flash, spark. His enthusiasm is immediate, bold and decisive, but not durable. Quickly keen on, but cools down just as quickly to the partner.

Good compatibility of Aries with the signs of the element of Fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and air signs Gemini and Aquarius, which are ideal Aries temperament, will strengthen his passion, an inner fire, to encourage the development of creative talent, which contributes to harmony in the intimate sphere.

Taureans strive for long term relationships, persistence and stability in personal sphere. Sex for them is vital, because of this, they accumulate energy and use it to design tangible form and tangible result. Taurus needs romance, beauty and harmony, a variety of flowers, colors, smells, sensations.

Form, touch, defining their relationship to the partner is the manifestation of Taurus. Satisfaction in intimate life Calves acquire with representatives of the element of Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and the element of Water – Cancer and Pisces.

The intimate relationship the Twins start fast, especially if the partner – vibrating Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or a sparkling Fire (Leo, Sagittarius). With the representatives of these Zodiac signs are established strong relationships, maintain the durability, passion.

Sexual affection are free and varied, that gives the Twins the optimism, strength, confidence, determination. And such a relationship Gemini will hold, flexibility and a willingness to give the partner even more than you get.

in an intimate relationship seeks to maximize the energy and warmth. Water sign Cancer pure and nutritious, therefore, the representatives of this sign have linked sexual and family relationships often define their goal as the development and the appearance of the children.

Sexual temperament are perfect representatives of the element of earth – Taurus and Virgo, signs of the element of Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Together with one of these partners Cancer will create ideal conditions for life, reproduction and development, and sexual life bright and harmonious.

requires affection, is responsible for partner, immediately puts a sparkling goals and determines the prospects of intimate relationships, is motivated by love and sex. The sun Lion shines bright, it should be at a high level for a long time retains heat intimate relationship.

In temperament, the representatives of the fire element – Aries, Sagittarius. Representatives of your sign in sex work, but complications arise. The Air signs – Gemini and Libra will admire the Lion, will provide his need to be in the center, and their intimacy will be bright that is necessary for the lion to feel the inner strength.

Virgo – the sign of the Earth element seeks to preserve a harmonious intimate relationships is the most optimal and practical way, sometimes, forgetting about romance. The representatives of the signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn understand the importance of knowledge and skills, take consistency of the virgin in the sexual sphere, therefore, personal relations with representatives of the element of earth for Virgos will be satisfying.

Scorpios and Cancers make the signs of the element of Water, help the virgin to adapt to the world. With the support of one of them, a virgin shall create suitable conditions for life, will prepare a new phase relationship, will reveal its natural softness and romance.

Libra – air element, the name subtly conveys the characteristics of the Zodiac sign “either-or”, defines the relationship, the notion of what is considered normal, proper, acceptable in all spheres of life, including sexual. And already this determines the degree of harmony, fidelity balance.

The compatibility of Libra with Gemini and Aquarius – intellectual interest will be the basis of an intimate relationship. Representatives of your sign of relationships close to the stage can not be reached because of the oscillations from the long lost mutual interest. Fiery Lions or Archers will draw their confidence and flair, so Libra will allow them to take the initiative in their hands.

Scorpio in intimate life, in the sphere of inner emotions, sensations seeks to find the essence, the deep reason for the connection with a partner. There is a tendency to bring the relationship to an extreme feelings. To reach the state meet Scorpio will help the representatives of your sign, as well as Crayfish and Fish.

Water signs of the Zodiac can subtly feel the mood of the partner, the state of the world, and this is exactly what you need – Scorpio to understand him without words. Virgo and Capricorns can lead the internal state of a Scorpion to normal, will be able to understand and accept his contradictory nature and desires.

Sagittarius is the symbol of fire, the romance, the vast expanses where there are no boundaries and nothing holding back the passion. Aries, Leos and Sagittarians will be able to get the charge of optimism and satisfaction next to partner Sagittarius.

Representatives of the fire signs of the Zodiac to help each other be filled with the inner light, energy, which will allow you to decide on something new in sexual relations. Air signs – Libra and Aquarius, support Hobbies Archer, help him freer to look at the intimate relationship, enjoy the moment and not to limit commitments.

Capricorn is the sign of the Earth element, focus, concentration and manifestation in compression, limiting. Representatives of the water signs – Pisces and Scorpio, can melt the ice (Capricorn is the cold ground, dried), gently, patiently and gently. These are the cases in which the sensual side of life Capricorn can develop harmoniously.

With the Virgo and Taurus can develop a satisfying intimate relationship. Capricorn with Capricorn difficult fully to unfold, but in General, sexual compatibility is.

Aquarius knows nerve centers, is an erotic intuition. Always looking for a new and ready for adventure and extreme adventure. The partner provides support, inspiration, immense care. In the sexual sphere, nothing is denied, all at the highest level, all with good intentions. Love relationship easily slip into friendship and Vice versa. Bored with Aquarius will not, and especially if the partner is a representative of the air element – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; or the fire element – Aries and Sagittarius.

Live have an unpredictable temperament as to region everyday life and in sex. The vastness of the internal capacity of the representatives of the sign of Pisces gives a special role to this sign, the final cycle of the Zodiac. Pisces is the sign of the element Water, which mixes, combines, feeds. Sex life promotes creative inspiration, intuitive insight.

Taurus and Capricorn energy Fish revives, inspires, but the success and longevity of this relationship depends on them, so Taurus and Capricorn should take on the dominant function. Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces will enhance the imagination of Pisces, relationships can be very bright and beautiful. With a partner they will be able to see the world in all its wealth of beauty, romance and harmony.