Computer on view and special programs. How to protect your baby in the “world wide web”

Компьютер на виду и спецпрограммы. Как защитить ребенка во "всемирной паутине"

Police are warning parents to control nick, which the child uses the Internet, and use parental control programs.

This is stated in the message of the patrol police of Ukraine in Facebook on the occasion of safer Internet Day, celebrated on February 11.

“Check the nick of the child to exclude the presence of personal information, and explain that in the Internet there are people who can use personal information against him. Use programs parental control”, – it is recommended patrol.

Also parents should put the computer in a common room, to make it easier to control relative to the child’s behavior on the Internet, and to use means of blocking inappropriate content and excessive advertising.

“Install the program, limiting time at the computer. Teach your child to come up with a secure password, which must consist of at least eight characters, mixing numbers, capital and small letters and not contain common words – this will enable it to protect your information,” – noted the patrol.

Also, police advise parents to set safe search in Google, YouTube and other services, and to teach the child to share impressions from visiting the Internet and tell everyone that caused her excitement.