Condoms of the future will not require additional moisture – scientists

Technology the invention of the condom is at the peak of its development. Scientists say that after the application of innovative technologies women and men will receive double pleasure.

Презервативы будущего не потребуют дополнительного увлажнения – учёные

In new contraceptive technology will be used for more hydration, so the sex will become even more slippery, and the moment will not have to go into the bedside table in search of further lubrication. “Condoms of the future”, which will not require additional moisture, at the world market is going to run the company the bill & Melinda gates Foundation. They hope that this will increase not only enjoy the process, but the number of people using contraceptives.

Professor mark Grinstaff from Boston University said that the main idea was the creation of a technology thanks to which condoms will be able to obtain additional lubrication by acting with any wet environment, whether it be water or natural feminine vibes. Conducting a survey, 73% of men preferred contraceptives made of new material. The next step will be experiments carried out in pairs, to ascertain the practical effectiveness of condoms to increase of pleasure.

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