Congratulations angel Inna: cards and poems

Поздравления с Днем ангела Инны: открытки и стихи

The name value, compatibility and congratulations Inna for angel’s Day.

What is the name of Inna

Initially, it was a old Russian male name, but now it is used as a female. Translated means “rough stream”.

What character from Inna

In childhood she has a very difficult personality, she often brings parents to tears, and friends don’t forgive anything. Although revenge is not going to, but very offended. She has a bold and original thoughts which many surprise. She shows independence and rarely adapts to someone else’s opinion.

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Znachenie name Inna

Adult Inna may already concede, but only nice people, and contrary to their principles. She will make an excellent journalist, a hairdresser, an engineer, a photographer or a store Manager. Married to Inna very difficult. She expects total honesty and openness, jealous, loyal, loves children and educate them responsibly. Inna likes to cook since childhood, she loves to experiment with recipes and believes that the husband should constantly praise for it.

Work with men’s names

The best relationships are with men named Alexander, Arkhip, Boris, Victor, Willie, Vladimir, Konstantin, porphyry, Raphael, Felix, Jacob

Bad and hard to build relationships with owners name: Vasily, Georgy, Hleb, Denis, Dmitry, Zahar, mark, Mieczyslaw, Nazar, Nicholas, of Sebastian, Simon, Trofim, Thaddeus, Fedot, Philip, Julian

The Famous Inna:

  • Inna Fedemac – Ukrainian historian, public figure
  • Inna Kapinos – Ukrainian actress
  • Inna Yanovska-Gaponenko – Ukrainian chess player, honored master of sports of Ukraine
  • Zlata ognevich (Inna Bordyug) – Ukrainian singer
  • Inna Tsymbalyuk is a Ukrainian fashion model, TV presenter, actress
  • Inna Suprun – Ukrainian biathlete
  • Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya – Ukrainian athlete kayaking, honored master of sports

Cards and congratulations Inna

Inna – “strong water”.

Good, smart, solid.

Spending money is not in vain,

And the farm is still beautiful.

Will never fail

The house clean observes.

Mother is a good wife

Witty she is.

And today birthday

Our incomparable Inna.

Congratulations take

And your image don’t change!

Everyone needs you here such!

Be happy, dear!

You have a holiday today, Inna,

Your day has come – the usual pattern:

The men prepare the food for you,

And now I prepare for them will go

Only listen to you my pozdravom,

My lovely and beloved angel:

May not only this day but always

Will be home cooked food,

Men are gentle and simple,

In the promises is always solid.

That smile never left your lips

So that was you happiness for others!

Today’s the Day your angel

Poured into the glasses of all wines!

SIS, all ailments of sight!

Happy nameday, dear ina!

I wish you inspiration,

Patience in life is the way!

And good luck

In work, in business and love!

Inna, your friends,

Colleagues and family

Gathered together on this day,

So to honor you.

You, Inca, all of us road

We all love you.

And we wish ever

Not to forget the spring.

I want to tell you,

To believe in yourself.

Together we will be able to show

How to live life with love.

Поздравления с Днем ангела Инны: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Инны: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Инны: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Инны: открытки и стихи