Congratulations Angela Victoria: cards and poems

Поздравления с Днем ангела Виктории: открытки и стихи

The name value, compatibility, and greetings Victoria happy angel.

What does the name Victoria

Name of Latin origin. In translation it means “victory”.

What a character Victoria

Victoria is more like her father. In childhood, the wick can be slow. Loves, when she read, but she is learning to read wants for a long time. She is very calm and balanced, but may withdraw into themselves. In his youth, more lively, to monitor their appearance.

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The meaning of the name Victoria

Victoria can be shy, because insecure, and may try to assert themselves in a bizarre form: bright makeup, short skirt, and defiant behavior. So she behaves in adulthood, yet not understand its beauty and uniqueness.

Of the professions selects those where it is not necessary to communicate with people. She will make an excellent model, gardener, research officer. Before the administration tries to curry favor, but as soon as he sees that it turns out badly, giving up.

The husband chooses very carefully, because demanding with regard to the future soul mate. She’s indecisive, if you need to make any important step in life. Even after marriage, can doubt, confidence brings her only husband, with time, she transformed. The children loved very much, not even their own. Also loves the different animals and flowers.

Work with men’s names

The best relationships are with men: Abraham, Bogdan, Valentin, Valery, Constantine, Leo, Myron, Sergey

Bad and hard to build relationships with owners name: Vitali, Boris, Gleb, Grigory, Dmitry, Simon

The Famous Victoria:

  • Queen Victoria, who ruled great Britain from 1837 to 1901 Her name was given to an era in British history Victorian.
  • Victoria Kovalchuk – graphic artist, Illustrator, designer, writer. Lives and works in Lviv.
  • Victoria Caroline Beckham is a British singer, actress, fashion designer. The participant of group Spice Girls. Wife of British footballer David Beckham.
  • Tori spelling (Victoria Davey spelling) is an American actress. The daughter of television producer and Director Aaron Spelling.
  • Victoria Shinkarenko – Ukrainian athlete in rhythmic gymnastics. Bronze medalist of the world Championship in Kiev.

Cards and congratulations Victoria

Happy angel, Vic-“victory”!

I wish everywhere in the life to win!

You’re like a star, born of the dawn,

Know how to delight and surprise!

I wish in life of joy and happiness,

To go forward, nothing fearing,

And compliments to hear very often

Especially that day when you were born.

Vic, you’re so beautiful

When a smile shines clear!

And in birthday I wish

To love and flourishing,

In this world you lived,

Love is a huge found,

So lucky you always,

And do not be sad ever!

You fortune has awarded

The beautiful and sonorous name.

Victoria – what power,

Victory celebration mighty.

The name day of cardio take

A huge heartfelt greetings.

Let it be your happiness eternal,

And life as a series of victories!

Angel’s day today – congratulations!

Victoria, sister, I tell you

Goodness, smiles, happiness wish

And whatever sorrows burned at the stake!

Let all that you planned will happen!

Let good people around you always!

Let your face with the smiling sun shines!

And don’t take any time or year!

Поздравления с Днем ангела Виктории: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Виктории: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Виктории: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Виктории: открытки и стихи