Congratulations Barbara angel: postcards and poems

Поздравления с Днем ангела Варвары: открытки и стихи

The name value, compatibility, and congratulations to Barbara with angel Day.

What does the name Barbara

The name has ancient Greek origins. In translation it means “barbarian” or “foreigner”. There is a Western European form Barbara. The name was also popular in China.

What character from the barbarians

Childhood Cooking is very kind and smiling girl. It is similar to his father not only in looks but also personality, humble, hardworking. She always wants to restore order. Barbara herself is aware of his shortcomings, her of them can not speak. People always acting level-headed, but inside her the fire of passion. If Cooking will become less of a closed, all will understand how emotional people.

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The meaning of the name Varvara

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If Cooking was born in the winter, she will be more interested in sports, but she’s also thoughtful and a little closed. If she started something, then slowly bring it to the end. If Barbara was born in the summer, it will always present themselves in a good light, even dressed with taste. But these women are demanding and touchy.

Barbara is very amorous, but indecisive, so it may look too shy. Her first marriage is not always successful, but the second is very rarely a problem. Of Vari makes the perfect hostess, mother and wife. However, if you choose a career, you will achieve big successes especially in social work.

Work with men’s names

The best relationships are with men named: Alexander, Alexey, Aristarchus, Bogdan, Boris, Vladimir, George, Evdokim, Ephraim, Michael, Peter, Raphael, Simon, Theodore

Bad and hard to build relationships with owners name: Adam, Andrey, Evgenie, Yemelyan, Ivan, the Ignatius, Oleg

The Famous Barbarians:

  • Nikolevna Varvara Khanenko – украинскfz collector, patron of arts.
  • Varvara Nikolayevna Repnina daughter little Russian Governor-General Prince Nikolai Repnin-Volkonsky and Princess Barbara with Razumovsky, the niece of a famous Decembrist Sergey Volkonsky. Her name was closely connected with the cultural life of Ukraine of the mid-nineteenth century, in particular, it has played an important role in the biography of Taras Shevchenko, who called her “the good angel”.
  • Cherednichenko Varvara Ivanovna – a Ukrainian writer and teacher born in Kiev.
  • Maslyuchenko Barbara Alekseevka – Ukrainian actress. Wife Ukrainian writer Ostap Vyshnya (Gubenko).
  • Varvara Mikhailovna Koroleva – the former soloist of the first part of the famous Russian pop group “Brilliant”
  • Barbara A. Elias Ukrainian Soviet archaeologist
  • Barbara Lushchyk – Ukrainian actress, the performer of the title role in the film “Gutsulka Ksenya”.

Cards and congratulations Barbara

Be always, as now, delightful

Cute and charming!

Often longer and be happy!

It is always very kind and Milou!

Let all your dreams come true!

Happiness may your life is filled with!

Smile – and then blossom

Will not affect you pain and lies!

Barbarian – the name is fabulous

Warm, native.

Dreams are colorful barbarians,

Words always calm.

I wish her a wonderful,

Magic, considerable,

Beautiful and daring!

What she decides!

Our dear Barbara,

Like the sun you Shine.

We wish a lot

Warm, gentle kindness,

So many happy moments

How many in the field have colors.

You don’t meet incidents

And will not let the enemies!

Do not believe the Proverbs, epics, and fairy tales

Where like, the Ary – nose was torn off

This is all nonsense, because our barbarian

Beautiful! Which fairy tale did not know.

Smart, good – what more do you need?

Cooking for parents always obedient

Interested in the conversation, support will serve as

So, be always so good-natured!

Поздравления с Днем ангела Варвары: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Варвары: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Варвары: открытки и стихи

Поздравления с Днем ангела Варвары: открытки и стихи