Conquered: Averbukh senior approved his son’s choice

Покорила: Авербух-старший одобрил выбор своего сына

Father skater admired the seriousness and responsibility of the artist.

The father of figure skater Ilya Averbukh Averbukh Izyaslav approved relationship of his son with the star of the series “father’s daughter” Elizabeth Arzamasova. The young actress simply conquered.

As told Averbukh-senior edition “Days. “ru, he’s very cute, not only the girl herself, but what she does in her free playing in the theater and movie time. We are talking about what Arzamasova has long been a Trustee of a charitable Fund. The artist conquered the father of his beloved seriousness and responsibility.

Also Izyaslav Averbuch added that he had always approved of his son’s choice, and in this case especially. However, the skater believes that his marriage to Lisa Arzamasova think it’s too early – the pair is in the beginning of the relationship.

We will remind, Ilya Averbukh about 10 years was married to figure skater Irina Lobacheva. They have a 16-year-old son named Martin. Sold a pair back in 2007. Since about the love Affairs of Averbuch nothing was known, and only recently he began to ascribe an affair with a young actress Arzamasova.

Later, Ilya Averbukh has responded to the rumors in the press. He said that their love relationship is in no way associated with the promotion of any show.