Consulted with NACP: in “the Servant of the people” say that the trip to Davos due to Pinchuk is not corruption

Консультировались с НАПК: в "Слуге народа" говорят, что поездка в Давос за счет Пинчука не является коррупцией

“NASPC argues that it is not corruption if they were in a business trip,” said Vereschuk.

In the fraction of “servant of the people” believe that the financing of the Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk visits of the deputies of the ruling faction at the annual meeting of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland cannot be considered as corruption.

This was stated by people’s Deputy Irina Vereschuk in the comments of “Radio Liberty”.

According to her, it even called for advice to the National Agency for prevention of corruption.

“NACP claims that it is not corruption if they were on a business trip. Even if it was a business trip not funded from the state budget, it is not corruption. And if not was on a business trip and received, it would be a gift, and they would have to explain what such a gift,” – said the MP.

By the way, she Vereschuk in Davos this year did not go.