Controversial new construction in Kiev: the Developer destroys hectares of green space for the three towers of 30 floors

Новая скандальная стройка в Киеве: Застройщик уничтожает гектары зеленой зоны для трех башен по 30 этажей

As usually happens, the controversial developers are beginning to act in those days, when most of the rest of Kiev

The holidays are a perfect selection for this. This is the scheme began working a developer who wants to turn Protasov Yar in the capital once the concrete disaster. While constrained by caring activists, said “Know. sa”.

1 may, when the majority of citizens were just hanging out, the developer decided to put a fence on the land, located between the streets of Protasov Yar and Amosova. Of course, all this happened under the care of “aunts”, which always attract during the construction ambiguous.

However, one should not forget that the first stirrings of this scandal were visible last summer. Then, the developer together with muscular guys also wanted to protect the fence a grove in Protasov Yar, but activists recaptured territory.

It seems that now the developer is more serious. May 1, all ended in a fight between “aunts” and activists defending the green zone of the capital. Although trees in this area began to chop at the end of April.

The next day, may 2, local residents staged a rally in the street Protasov Yar. Key requirements Kiev – leave alone a huge green zone area, is measured in a few acres, because the developer is going to cut down here 1254 tree! To understand this whole forest. And in order to grow it will need at least 70 years. But for the sake of profit, developers are willing to pull the plug on the city.

Local residents and activists went to extreme measures to be heard: partially blocked the road to draw attention to this problem. And the road was abandoned a few trees that the developer has already cut down.

For a short time because of this, even blocked traffic on the street Protasov Yar. All the speeches of the activists ended in a brawl, which was nonchalantly observed by the police, and any serious actions towards “titushky” they did not take.

Naturally, it all had to respond to the Metropolitan government and 3 may in the city hall held a meeting concerning development of Protasov Yar. During the meeting, the officials decided to establish a working group, which will include activists and residents of the Straw, where the planned construction.

Officials then decided that the developer should refrain from any action until a final decision on a land plot Amosova street, 6. Also in the city hall decided to check all the permits, which covers the company, intending to destroy the green zone.

However, all these decisions and recommendations from the mayor’s office to the developer to the bulb. The builders under the protection of “aunts”, has already put part of the concrete fence, which was due to start construction of houses.

May 4 activists of the capital and the locals went on to another rally in defense of the green zone in Protasov Yar, but again ended almost a massacre with participation “aunts”.

The city washes its hands

After may 3, at city hall held a meeting regarding the construction of Amoz, 6 Metropolitan power, is silent, and the mayor Vitaly Klitschko traditionally is abroad.

In turn, the developer has already started to advertise on its website housing, which wants to build in the green zone. In Protasov Yar plan to build three huge towers of 37 floors each.

According to documents posted on the website developer is a company “Daytona Groups” from the city of Dnepr. The media reported that the attitude of this company supposedly has Dnieper businessman Gennady Korban, which in 2014 even held the position of Deputy Governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

The story of the construction of Protasov Yar originates from the time of Leonid Chernovetsky, when his team packs handed out land to developers. It was then, in 2007, the Kyiv city Council gave a certain OOO “Bor” a few acres of land between the streets Protasov Yar and Amoz for the construction of housing and shopping complex with Parking.

Moreover, the deputies of the Chernovetskyi even have changed the destination of this land, because before it was meant to be green space, but with a light hand Chernovetsky team Protasov Yar became suitable for development. Now the building owner is just “Daytona Group”

Meanwhile, activists continue to fight against controversial construction, leaving in the regular meetings. The reason is simple, people who are not indifferent to Kiev, well aware that if they sit idly by, and soon the green area to turn in filled with concrete block. Note that the history of the last ten years have shown – to save the city from total and doubtful from the point of view of the law of development, can only activists and defenders of the capital.

At the same time, the authorities like turning a blind eye to the fact that the developer quietly destroys trees and a concrete fence is still in place. Today, the grove of trees between the streets Protasov Yar and Amosova remains almost the last place for locals to relax in nature.

The area already built up a bunch of skyscrapers and green areas is getting smaller. Moreover, activists are also concerned that the huge towers which the developer wants to build, will create a tremendous burden on the area because in three huge houses on 28-30 floors each, accommodating several thousand people. In parallel with this to improve infrastructure, neither from the developer nor from the authorities any action is not expected.

Will intervene the President

However, soon the capital power can seriously move over this problematic issue. Capital activist Mikhail Kovalchuk was able to contact the newly-elected President Vladimir Zelensky and ask about intervention.

All came about by accident. The activist found the Vladimir Zelensky in one of Kiev restaurants. Kovalchuk asked to Zelensky to impact on the situation of Protasov Yar, where the developer wants to cut down most of the trees. What Zelensky said that he would take note of the information received.

It is very important not to let the situation slide. Activists are determined to just wait it out, neither the developer nor city power will not work. To give up one of the last green areas of the capital in favor of someone enrichment, no one is going. Therefore, it is very important to support all residents and people who care. The only way, years of experience, we can protect our town.

Новая скандальная стройка в Киеве: Застройщик уничтожает гектары зеленой зоны для трех башен по 30 этажей

Новая скандальная стройка в Киеве: Застройщик уничтожает гектары зеленой зоны для трех башен по 30 этажей

Новая скандальная стройка в Киеве: Застройщик уничтожает гектары зеленой зоны для трех башен по 30 этажей

Новая скандальная стройка в Киеве: Застройщик уничтожает гектары зеленой зоны для трех башен по 30 этажей

Новая скандальная стройка в Киеве: Застройщик уничтожает гектары зеленой зоны для трех башен по 30 этажей