Controversial Russian diva celebrates 70 years

Скандальная российская примадонна празднует 70 лет

Famous Soviet and Russian singer Alla Pugacheva today marks 70 years. In addition to men Diva, Today we decided to recall the scandals associated with the famous artist.

Scandals on the set

In 1980 she made a scene on the set of the movie “Recital”, which played a major role. Alla without explanation broke coat assistant Director and smashed the car window of the Studio. As a result of this incident, she was suspended from filming by Mosfilm Director Nikolai Sizov. In 1981, with Pugacheva incident during the filming of the TV program “Around the laughter”, when Pugachev was unhappy with the quality of the operator’s work, expressing dissatisfaction with the Director: “my beautiful legs and my beautiful eyes you made is ugly”, which by order of the Deputy chief editor of literary-dramatic broadcasting radio and television Valerian, Kalandadze her performance was removed from the mounting version for television

Baltic scandal

In 1987 Alla Pugacheva has arrived to Leningrad where he was to settle in the hotel “Pribaltiyskaya”. The day before the administrator Pugacheva Oleg Nepomnyashchii booked for her Suite number “10000” in the hotel “Baltic” in it, she often stopped in previous years, when he came on tour in Leningrad.

It turned out that the room was occupied. The singer was invited to stay in the same Suite “12000” moreover, the staff reported that when booking the room reservation was just to “12000”.

Later broke that the singer, asking to provide her with the number “10000”, as she was supposed to call. The administrator then called the chief administrator of the hotel. The conversation moved to higher tones – Pugachev required number “10000”, and the administrator called these requirements “Caprice Canary” and threatened to Alla Borisovne that “find it Council”. According to the testimony of Baykova, demanding your favorite number, Pugachev used foul language. Both parties came to a common consensus.

Difficult relationship with Sofia Rotaru

For a long time everyone is discussing the feud between Alla Borisovna and Sophia Mikhailovna. Their complicated relationship has been a subject of discussion for the public.

About the relationship of artists with their first appearance on the stage walked the most unexpected rumors. However, the main reason for the “hatred” I think the rivalry for the right to be the Queen of the scene.

In 2007, all exhaled with relief when Sofia Rotaru quite unexpectedly invited Pugachev on their anniversary. Then Alla Borisovna on the stage together with Sofia Mikhailovna sang the song “not gonna get Us” Tatu. And in 2012, their “friendship” again came to an end when Pugachev was not invited Rotaru for their annual “Christmas meetings”.

“The Christmas light”

Every year on the Russian TV channels come out of the Christmas program with the participation of many Soviet and Russian pop stars. Almost none of them passed without Alla. It seems that in 2017, the audience got tired of it so much that they created a petition addressed to the head of one of the main channels of the country Konstantin Ernst with a request to update the format of the Christmas show and “remove from the bottom of the Diva.”

The petition was supported by hundreds of thousands of people. Alla Borisovna then reacted to the whole situation in the following way: “Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect! So, life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans. Again make sure this is real happiness,” wrote the singer in Instagram.

Anniversary concert

Recently the actress was at the center of a major scandal associated with her anniversary concert, which will take place in Moscow on 17 April this year. In the Russian press got an official document with the funding request presentations Pugacheva. On the organization of the anniversary concert in the Kremlin at the company “Russian Helicopters”, part of state Corporation rostec, was requested in the amount of 40 million rubles, which caused a great resonance in society. The actress was suspected of involvement in corruption schemes.

In “assistance” confirmed the authenticity of the transcript and stated that those 40 million rubles was allocated for the advertising company “Helicopters of Russia” in the framework of the concert of the prima Donna.

In addition to the concert Alla Pugacheva will arrange a private party, and already known to the guest list.