Cooper Tire has introduced two new truck tyres brand Roadmaster

Cooper Tire представила две новые грузовые шины торговой марки Roadmaster

Owned by American company Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster brand is expanding its presence in the segment of the so-called “last mile” – tires for trucks operating on intercity routes for the delivery of goods and mail, as well as special vehicles of emergency services, and introduces two new models of tyres: steering Roadmaster RM170+ RM257 and Roadmaster for the leading axis trucks.

“We continue to improve our products, bringing new technology in the portfolio of our brand Roadmaster, – said the Executive Director of the company Cooper Tire for truck and bus tires Gary Schroeder. Small fleets and private car owners of trucks with 19.5-inch wheels will be able to go on these tyres and get great performance at a price that will allow you to reduce operating costs. New models of tyres offer superior handling and durability compared to their predecessors, and are characterized by high strength, required to work on local transport.”

New tire Roadmaster RM257 for axles has a deep aggressive tread pattern with open shoulder design and three edges in a block type in the Central part. 3D lamellas provide the best grip in wet weather conditions, and shoulder pockets and V-grooves provide an excellent hook and performance in snow and mud. Inter-unit ties help stabilize the tread blocks, improving the uniformity of wear and improving handling, and the new formulation of resinosis effectively allows the tire to resist cuts and chips. The novelty is marked 3PMSF, which suggests that the standard certification tests in winter conditions, it showed 25 percent better acceleration compared to the reference bus.

Roadmaster RM257 available in two sizes 225/70R19.5 and 245/70R19.5.

Steering tire Roadmaster RM170+ inherits the design from its predecessor RM170, and the “plus” in the title refers to increased durability, improved handling and wear that the new model gives the improved formulation of the rubber mixture. The manufacturer notes that with increased longevity, the novelty provides a softer ride.

In terms of not requiring additional thrust, the new steering tire Roadmaster RM170+ can be used as useposition. A broad supporting surface of the tire allows to increase the area of the contact spots and the uniformity of the load. V-shaped geometry of the tread grooves promotes better grip and throwing stones, and the slots on the outer surface of the tread help with wet traction with the road surface.

New tire Roadmaster RM170+ for steering axles will be available in five sizes: 225/70R19.5, 245/70R19.5, 265/70R19.5, 285/70R19.5 and 10R22.5.

Both tires are equipped with additional rubber strip on the sidewall – curb strap, which ensures the integrity of the sidewall in contact with the road. The tires also have the design of high-strength steel cord, which ensures a long lifetime of the frame and repeated recovery.

Cooper Tire представила две новые грузовые шины торговой марки Roadmaster

Cooper Tire представила две новые грузовые шины торговой марки Roadmaster

Cooper Tire представила две новые грузовые шины торговой марки Roadmaster