“Coronation of the word” announced the winners in the category “Novels”

"Коронация слова" объявила победителей в номинации "Романы"

International literary competition “Coronation of word” announced at the 20th anniversary ceremony, held online, the winners in the category “Novels”.

As announced by the contest founders, philanthropists Tatiana and George Logush, the first prize was awarded to work which is extremely much discussion of the jury – “Olga” Olga Slipy from Khmelnytsky. Second prize gets a piece “Live. Contrary to” Irina Melnichenko and Vadim Gerashchenko from Kiev, the third – “Ruin” Basil Beauty of Liman, Donetsk region.

The Chairman of the jury in the category “Novels” the Professor Sophia Filonenko noted that these three works were selected from 18 manuscripts which were in the finals, and all three in their own way represent different versions of Ukrainian history.

“The novel “Olga” is an original biography of the Ukrainian writer Olga Kobylyanska. This novel, on the one hand, stereotypes learned from school textbooks, and with another – creates a new myth about Kobylianska, as the heroine of a love story. The Novel “Live. In spite of” is the deepening of the Ukrainian history of the twentieth century, the family drama the family, which dispossessed and evicted to the North. In this novel, a lot of expressive images, vivid psychological detail. It is the bitter truth about the Ukrainian past, which we must understand, feel and transmit to their descendants. The novel “the Ruins” is a work that reveals the distant Ukrainian past in all its diversity. It’s a story, intertwined different cultures, ethnic groups, languages and religions. The novel is a wonderful continuation of the traditions of Ukrainian fiction from Andrey Tchaikovsky to Vladimir Malik,” – said Filonenko.

In turn, Tatiana Logush said that the awarding of the winners in the nominations “Screenplay”, “Play”, “Song lyrics” will take place at the Lviv Forum of publishers, and the awarding in the nominations “Young coronation” and “the Children’s coronation” – in Kiev, in late September or early October. Awarding the Grand coronation “clash of the titans”, which compete with winners of first prizes, will take place at the 21st ceremony “coronation of the word” next year.

According to Yuri Logush only identified 47 winners from thousands of manuscripts submitted to the contest this year. He explained that all the ceremony was going to fall, but at this time will host the Forum of publishers in Lviv, where the “Coronation of the word” is their best printed work. So the publishers asked for more to celebrate and publish novels in order to catch the forum in September.

The Director of the Institute of literature, national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mykola Zhulynsky congratulated the founders of the “Coronation of word” spouses Logosa – with the 20th anniversary of the competition.

“Thanks to your energy and charitable activities Ukraine has a unique literary contest. During these 20 years there have been many, because the winners, the winners of thousands of Ukrainians who took part in this contest, and almost a thousand books were published, about 50 screenplays sold about 20 pieces put on the stage, ” – said the academician.

During the online ceremony also announced the present owners of the special awards of “International recognition” and “publishers Choice”.

Photo ASPI.