Coronavirus and heat: a scientist has refuted the popular myth about COVID-19

Коронавирус и жара: ученый опроверг популярный миф о COVID-19

Air temperature has no effect on the spread of the disease.

Hot weather does not slow the rate of spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, contrary to popular belief.

“Typically, these viruses appear in countries where a very warm climate. For example, from Mexico went swine flu, Ebola went from Africa, coronavirus emerged in China and the MERS virus in Saudi Arabia,” – said Komisarenko.

According to him, temperature “does not affect the spread of the virus”.

On the question of why the virus COVID-19 spread so quickly, the academician said:

“It is insidious because it spreads from people who are already infected but have no symptoms. We can have a virus, not know it and infect a large number of people.”

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