Coronavirus burst in Kiev: Klitschko has shared details about the infected

Коронавирус ворвался в Киев: Кличко поделился подробностями о зараженных

The number of Chinese infected with the virus COVID-19 continues to grow, in the background of the already known and officially confirmed in the laboratory, five cases were news of two more Ukrainian citizens, who were infected with coronavirus. This was stated by the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko on his page on the social network facebook.

The mayor of the capital reports that two new cases of infection with coronavirus recorded in Kiev. This is the first cases in the capital, which threaten public safety. The mayor of Kiev reports that the new sick – man and woman who had contact with other infected persons.

The first infected with the virus COVID-19 in Kiev – a young student, who was in contact with the 71-year-old woman in Zhytomyr. It is known that the disease she had been fatal. The young man visited her together with her granddaughter when the elderly woman was already a carrier of the virus. At the moment the boy is being treated at the Alexander hospital in Kiev.

The second diseased was infected during his travels in France, where she was vacationing at one of the local resorts. The woman felt nedomoganie and reported to physicians. She is now at home in isolation, where the treatment, and her condition is watched by the doctors.

In addition, the employees of the medical sector at the moment, check all who might have come in contact with sick people, and doing the appropriate tests.

In his report, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko also advised all citizens to adhere to the main recommendations of doctors and not give a chance for the further rapid spread of the coronavirus in the capital and throughout Ukraine.

Recall that to stop the depreciation of the hryvnia in connection with the approaching global economic crisis, the national Bank fails – the futility of taken measures as announced in Ukraine quarantine, and closures with a suspended air.

Коронавирус ворвался в Киев: Кличко поделился подробностями о зараженных

Коронавирус ворвался в Киев: Кличко поделился подробностями о зараженных