Coronavirus: how to prepare for a pandemic?

Коронавирус: как подготовиться к пандемии?

No reason to panic over a possible pandemic COVID-19 no. It is better to use the remaining time to prepare for it.

The new coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is a global challenge that should be taken seriously. Not only individuals but also companies, institutions and organizations can take action to improve protection against the virus and to prepare for a pandemic.

Preparing for a pandemic should be based on three areas:

– efforts should be made to ensure that fewer people have been infected;

– in households in case of an emergency should be broad;

– violation of public order is necessary to prevent or minimize.

What measures will protect me and others from airborne infection?

Keep your distance in relation to the sick (one to two meters).

Regularly and wash your hands thoroughly (at least 20 seconds).

Avoid hugs and handshakes.

Develop the reflexes of self-defense: press the Elevator call button with a knuckle, not your fingertip.

Avoid places of a mass congestion of people and events. Determine your priorities.

Rarely touch my own face and the faces of their friends and relatives.

Especially important: be careful not to touch his fingers to the mucous membrane of the mouth, eyes and nose.

If necessary, wear gloves. Change or wash them daily.

Don’t sneeze in the arm and in the crook of the elbow.

Immediately dispose of used disposable handkerchiefs.

Respiratory masks provide insufficient protection for healthy people. Due to the breathing mask becomes wet, so after 20 minutes, their defense is no longer valid. So give the right to wear a mask for medical personnel.

Will it help to break the chain of infection?

Coronaviruses are transmitted by airborne droplets. The replication of the virus occurs in the throat. From there the virus faster than light, again to find a way out of the body – for example, when sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose. Thus the virus COVID-19 may again be on the surfaces from which it then through contact or contamination through the hands can enter the body of another person.

How can I prepare for a pandemic?

In the case of wave of infections can occur interruptions in supply of products to the stores. Try to stock up on everything you needed to in an emergency you could spend a few weeks in the comfort of home.

If necessary, you must have a month’s supply of important medicines, a prescription of a doctor.

Stock up on non-perishable food.

In advance think about how you can protect against infection, their friends and relatives. Your help need especially the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Organize in advance the ability to care for sick children.

Take steps to ensure you could care for sick family members without the threat of Contracting them.

How can I help society?

The more people try to take precautions, the stronger the sense of community. Help others to organize mutual aid! Patients who have had a disease caused by a virus COVID-19 acquire immunity against the pathogen. In this case you can leave your house and offer your services, for example, to send parcels, and purchase of products.

What can employers do?

They can provide the opportunity for remote work or work from home. Especially sick or at risk staff should work from home.

Employees with acute symptoms of respiratory disease (e.g., cough or breathlessness), as well as those who during the day shows symptoms of illness should be immediately isolated from colleagues and sent home.

The company needs to ensure that offices and household premises were well ventilated, and regularly change filters in the air handling unit.

You have to create opportunities for hygiene of the hands is to ensure the availability of soap and paper towels and napkins and liquid to disinfect the keyboard.

Premises should be regularly cleaned, and the surface of the tables to wipe.

Not having health complaints staff who have patients with COVID-19, must notify his immediate superior.

Executives need to identify important workflow position and to take care of the employees, which could, if necessary, replace the posts of colleagues. The absence from work of one man will not then affect the operation of the entire enterprise.

How about travel and other journeys?

Employers and employees must learn the latest recommendations for each specific destination.

Companies should encourage their employees to pass a pre-ride inspection for the presence of their symptoms of acute respiratory diseases and to advise them in case of illness to stay home.

If an employee is sick during a trip, it is necessary to immediately notify your supervisor.

Коронавирус: как подготовиться к пандемии?

Коронавирус: как подготовиться к пандемии?

Коронавирус: как подготовиться к пандемии?

Коронавирус: как подготовиться к пандемии?

Коронавирус: как подготовиться к пандемии?