Coronavirus in the world: a new outbreak in Asia, Europe opens to the Europeans

Коронавирус в мире: новая вспышка в Азии, Европа открывается для европейцев

The countries of the Old world continue to come out of quarantine – but if the EU is not ready to open external borders, in Asia after another spike in infections close already opened schools, bars and karaoke, BBC reports.

In England, the first patients took coronavirus-rehab, named after the heroine of the Crimean war and in new York, the state government is ready to pay rent for tenants who have lost their jobs after the beginning of the pandemic.

Asia comes out of quarantine, despite the alarming news

Many countries in South East Asia quickly and effectively in the fight against the virus. The success of South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan have become an example for the whole world.

In mid-may it seemed that the outbreak of the virus now – the Western hemisphere. However, the end of the quarantine in the countries of Asia, which took the first blow, and the spread of the virus in other States has led to a difficult situation in the region.

But this week from South Korea came alarming news: the country registered a record daily number of cases in nearly two months – 79 people. Almost all patients live in Seoul and its suburbs – they account for about half of the 51 million population of the country.

One of the recent foci of infection was the warehouse of the largest online store in the country Coupang – there have been infected at least 82 people. But the infection is associated with the opened after the quarantine bars, Nightclubs, karaoke and other institutions. They were closed again.

The South Korean government held an emergency meeting and decided on two weeks to close parks, museums and other public spaces in the capital. Because of fears of a new cycle of classes has been postponed in hundreds of schools across the country. Private schools and computer clubs also recommended to suspend the work.

In parallel, a growing number of new cases in the two Asian giants – India and Indonesia, the second and fourth world countries according to the size of the population.

In India, officially more than 160 thousand confirmed cases Covid-19, and the daily number of cases continues to grow. On Friday the government announced a new record: 6500 positive test for the day.

It is expected that some States and districts, the quarantine may be extended for two months. Indian journalists have documented the terrible realities of crowded hospitals in Mumbai, where some patients sleep on cardboard in the hallways.

Indonesia is also a growing number of cases. On Thursday, authorities reported 686 cases. In total almost 1,500 deaths from Covid-19 – a record figure in the whole of Southeast Asia. Despite this, the authorities plan a gradual lifting of restrictions.

Europe open yet for Europeans

European countries continue to open border – but only for citizens of other EU countries.

On Friday, Bulgaria announced the opening entry for citizens of the EU. But arriving from countries with high levels of infections will have to isolate themselves for 14 days.

Earlier, Croatia had opened the border for 10 countries of the EU space without arriving in quarantine. Opens the border and Cyprus, hoping to at least partially save the tourist season – but only for some EU countries and Israel. Most vacationers on the island are usually Britons and Russians, but they do not expect.

Italy opens the border on June 3 for residents of all EU countries and the Schengen zone and the British – but in Britain, all arriving June 8th and is waiting for a two-week quarantine.

The British were allowed to meet

The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has allowed the people of England Monday to meet in groups of up to six people in open spaces – parks or gardens. A similar rule is already in force in Northern Ireland.

Johnson stressed that the British can gather at the barbecue, observing hygiene measures and social distancing.

Even more generous concessions introduced the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon – it is now possible to meet in groups of up to eight people.

In Wales from Monday, you will meet people from two different households – with no limit on the number of participants.

Across the country also begins a phased opening of schools and kindergartens, and in England from the 8th of June will be able to open a dental clinic.

Covid-rehab in honor of the heroine of the Crimean war

On Friday in England, the first patients attended a clinic for recovering patients who recover from coronavirus.

It’s called Sicol center in honor of nurses Mary Secol, selflessly caring for the wounded by the British during the Crimean war against the Russian Empire (1853-1856).

Rehab was opened in the town of Hadley court in Surrey in specially converted premises of the former military hospital. The head of NHS England, sir Simon Stevens has promised to soon open similar centres.

New York will help people with rent

New York was one of the first of the major U.S. cities have introduced measures of social isolation and closed to quarantine the city hundreds of thousands of people were left without work.

Immediately there was a question of rent, and financial assistance provided by the Federal government, have not solved the problem – the amount of 1200 thousand dollars per person, and the average price of rent Studio apartment in new York 2950 dollars. In America, the rent is more expensive only in San Francisco, where prices are inflated by the presence of the largest technology companies.

Activists for weeks, was desperately required to suspend payments of rent. Local authorities did not go for such a radical step, but on Thursday the legislature of the state of new York has allocated $ 100 million to compensate the owners of apartments whose tenants are unable to pay rent because of job loss during a pandemic, reports the New York Times. It could save many residents of the metropolis from eviction.

State funds can cover the rent from April 1 to July 31. For the entry of this measure in force requires the signature of the state Governor Andrew Cuomo.