Coronavirus in Ukraine and the world: the most important 21 Jul

Коронавирус в Украине и мире: самое важное за 21 июля

In the top 5 of the rating COVID-19 changes in the world recorded more than 14.5 million cases. In Ukraine, the coronavirus has infected more than 60 thousand people.

The world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, which, according to recent reports, has affected over 14 million people. In Ukraine the number of infections, unfortunately, is growing daily. About what is happening in the country and abroad in connection with the spread of the disease in the text below. Coronavirus in the world – stats

As of the morning on July 21 in the world from coronavirus disease COVID-19 died 609 198, recovered 227 804 8 people. Overall 14 655 405 confirmed cases of the disease.

Leader in the number of patients are USA – 3 825 153 event in Brazil recorded 2 118 646 patients, India – 1 118 206 cases in Russia – 776 212, and fifth coronavirus antireytinga “escaped” South Africa – 373 628 cases, where previous days were located in Peru. Coronavirus in Ukraine

In Ukraine, on 21 July morning the number of people infected with coronavirus has risen to 60 166. The number of cases COVID-19 for the last day increased by 673 people. Since the beginning of the pandemic died 1518 people. The amount recovered accounted for 32 199. Today it still hurts 26 449.

The largest number of patients recorded in the Lviv region. In General, in the Lviv region 8 identified 229 cases of coronavirus, of which 6 are active 308. Coronavirus in Kiev

Kyiv occupies the second place in Ukraine by the number of infected people. In the capital revealed 7 034 case of infection COVID-19. In the capital of Ukraine for the past day no recorded deaths. Fighting COVID-19

Who Director-General Tedros Aden Gebreyesus called the main method of dealing with the spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Russian defense Ministry announced that the first Russian vaccine from COVID-19, which was attended by military experts and scientists of the National research center. Gamalei, ready.

Chinese vector vaccine COVID-19 showed a low efficacy in the elderly. Scientists suggest that they may need additional vaccination. Coronavirus in Ukraine and the world: important news July 21

  • 13 more countries have opened their borders to Ukrainians
  • In one of the Caribbean imposed a state of emergency due COVID-19
  • Switzerland opens borders to couples who are separated coronavirus
  • Seven regions of Ukraine do not meet the criteria for the easing of quarantine Ministry of health

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