Coronavirus in Ukraine: how will it affect the market and whether the more expensive smartphones

The epidemic of coronavirus is a threat not only to our health and life but also has a detrimental effect on the economy. Experts have warned ahead of a major economic crisis. In particular, experts believe that the epidemic can lead to an increase in the cost of smartphones and other devices, even their deficit.

Techno 24 talked to the manufacturers that are represented in the Ukrainian market and asked whether users to worry.

The deficit smartphones: why it may occur

In China there are many factories, which manufacture components for engineering or assemble the products themselves. There made smartphones not only Chinese brands (like Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and others), but also devices for Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus production in China had to be cut. Therefore, it is obvious that this situation will affect the release of devices around the world. Construction and refurbishment of new plants is not an option – it will take time and money.

By the way, this applies not only to smartphones. Almost all accessories for laptops PC, for the automotive industry, are also produced in China.

What the manufacturer says

A lot of companies having their representative offices in Ukraine, are not yet ready to comment on this situation.

In Huawei (the company is one of the key players in the smartphone market in Ukraine) calm that now the problems with the supply of smartphones no. Also they say that the situation with the coronavirus while in no way affect the pricing of, and hence appreciation of technology.

“Huawei Ukraine has not noticed any serious delays in delivery of goods due to the coronavirus. The company developed system of business planning and logistics”, – said sales Director of Huawei CBG Ukraine, Vladimir Sorokin.

In Huawei – a positive Outlook

In Vivo (the company opened a representative office in Ukraine last year) is not so positive. Marketing Director of Vivo in Ukraine Jingpin van says that an outbreak of coronavirus has become an unpredictable phenomenon and has already influenced many industries.

“More than 80% of the world’s smartphone manufacturers located in China. The production of the smartphone depends not only on the operation of the plant, but also from manufacturers of spare parts, accessories. So many brands are already faced with the risk of a product defect,” explained Jingpin van.

Vivo has no shortage of smartphones

While it’s reassuring that this risk is temporary. Now in China, many factories resumed work and increase the speed and efficiency of production. Vivo is no shortage of smartphones in the Ukraine, because in the early stages the company received enough product, and the plant was in reserve spare parts.

As for the cost of smartphones, the marketing Director of Vivo in Ukraine acknowledges that the situation of coronavirus has a certain impact on the pricing of devices. However, the cost of the smartphone Vivo will not randomly change:

We always do the products according to the needs of users. And our prices are based on market and consumer demand. So now in Ukraine, the price will not rise

By the way, Vivo donated approximately $ 4.3 million Charitable organizations in Hubei province to prevent and control the outbreak of coronavirus.

In the online store Allo noticed that the supply of equipment from China are delayed, some quite frozen and waiting for what the outcome of this situation. A deficiency can cause an increase in the cost of some goods. And even if the machinery will rise, the increase will be insignificant.

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