Coronavirus in Ukraine: the interior Ministry said that threatens violators isolation

Коронавирус в Украине: в МВД сказали, что грозит нарушителям самоизоляции

Violation of the regime of self-isolation during the quarantine, the Ukrainians threatened with fines of up to 36 thousand UAH, and even criminal liability.

This broadcast ObozTV told the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko, commenting on the outbreak of the coronavirus in Ukraine.


Shevchenko noted that over the past two weeks crossed into Ukraine, according to various estimates, 50 to 100 thousand citizens. According to him, these people in the return under signature agree to comply with the regime of self-isolation for 14 days in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

“During border clearance in these individuals undertake statements about their identity, their place of stay in isolation, they leave personal information where they will soon be on their contacts, phones, the closest relationships – family and others. This array of statements they submit, in writing, where a sign that they are acquainted with the mode of compliance with the isolation for 14 days,” – said the speaker of the interior Ministry.

According to him, the national police distribute these statements to the regions, and law enforcement officers are obliged to control the observance of the regime of self-isolation.

Commenting on the controls that Shevchenko called “all conscious citizens and relatives” to inform the police on the phone 102, if the person has violated the regime of self-isolation or is likely to do.

“The police arrives, carries out preventive conversation, if the person is not violated. If you broke and is beyond isolation – for example, in the yard or near the store, police have the right, establishing identity, making sure that it is the person who has been notified of the necessity of adherence to isolation, to draw up an administrative Protocol – 17 to 36 thousand UAH of a penalty”, – said the speaker of the interior Ministry.

“The second method is self-selective because it is impossible to do a total bypass and a call from the police… the District chief of police has the power and means to get around and to call such people”, – he explained.

Shevchenko also noted that the willful violations of the regime of self-isolation 28 open criminal proceedings.

Also earlier it was promulgated detailed instruction with the rules of self-isolation.

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