Coronavirus: is trump a reason to stop funding who?

Коронавирус: есть ли у Трампа повод прекратить финансирование ВОЗ?

Donald trump has accused the world health organization in insolvency in the fight against coronavirus and threatened to stop listing her contributions. Does the US have a reason for that?

The US can suspend payments to the budget of the world health organization (who). The President, Donald trump announced Wednesday, April 8, in Washington during the daily briefing of the working group on coronavirus. Earlier, the us leader said that the who has failed in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. “Who screwed up. For unknown reasons, the organization, which is mainly financed the USA, has focused all the attention on China. We will carefully study this issue,” trump wrote Tuesday on Twitter.

However, whether Washington has compelling reasons to suspend the financing of who? DW collected the basic facts about this organization and on measures taken to combat coronavirus.

What does the who?

A recall of the existence of who only when the organization declares a state of emergency in the field of international public health. This happened, for example, in 2009 the outbreak of swine flu in 2014 and 2019 due to Ebola in the beginning of 2020 in connection with the pandemic COVID-19.

However, the tasks and scope of activities of the who, a specialized Agency of the UN, are not limited. The purpose of this organization is to provide the highest attainable standard of health for people at any point of the globe.

Who supports countries in need of emergency assistance during natural disasters and also monitors the developments in the field of health in different parts of the world, including estimates, indicators such as access to food and sanitary conditions. In addition, who is a leader in research in the health sector and the development of appropriate norms and standards.

How and why was created by who?

The idea of creating a separate Agency for health care arose at the founding conference of the United Nations shortly after the Second world war in 1945. The leaders knew that one of the necessary conditions for achieving the primary UN goals of maintaining world peace and providing security is to solve the problems in the health sector.

The who Constitution was signed in 1946 in new York and entered into force on 7 April 1948: that is why this day is now celebrated annually as world health day. The headquarters of the organization is located in Geneva. The who has six regional offices and representative offices in 150 countries. According to the organization itself, it operates a total of about 7 000 employees.

What role the who plays in the fight against the coronavirus?

During outbreaks, who is coordinating the measures taken by different countries in the fight against infectious diseases. In the case of coronavirus, the organization stimulates international cooperation in such matters as research COVID-19, as well as developing tests, drugs and vaccines. So, who has initiated an international clinical study, in which specialists are testing existing drugs for their effectiveness against the coronavirus.

The introduction of international state of emergency is an extreme measure, which can go to who. In this case, control of infection will provide additional resources. The state of emergency also includes the development of specific recommendations for the countries-members of the organization – for example, concerning the introduction of quarantine measures or restrictions on the movement of people. Although the recommendations are not compulsory, their countries usually adhere to.

In early March, the who officially declared the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Thereby, however, the company only recognized the fact that the spread of the new virus Sars-CoV-2 has reached a global scale

How effectively does who struggles with coronavirus?

For timely and decisive action who, taken in connection with the spread of the coronavirus that has caused many approval. Meanwhile, during the swine flu pandemic in 2009, or Ebola in 2014 and 2015 the organization has often been criticized for shortcomings in the work. Since then, however, who made the effort to correct mistakes and change its approach in the fight against epidemics.

A number of experts attribute the current success of the who with the activities of the head of the organization Tedros Adhanom of Gebreyesus. He has held this post since 2017 and has a reputation as a responsible leader who is not afraid of publicity.

However, some also criticize Gebreyesus because he praised China for the progress in the fight against coronavirus, whereas China initially ignored the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan, and only then imposed severe restrictive measures.

Who funds the who?

Who budget for the 2020-2021 years is $ 4.8 billion. About a fifth of this amount is attributable to mandatory contributions 194 member States of the organization. The size of payments depends on the solvency of a particular country.

The lion’s share of the budget, however, form the voluntary contributions of member States who, as well as donations from foundations, UN agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private individuals. For decades, the share of funding grew steadily: critics believe that this trend threatens the neutrality of the who.

For example, according to the German UN Association (DGVN), in 2010-2011 the share of the ten major donor States (including mandatory and voluntary contributions) together accounted for more than 60 percent of the who budget. Among other countries in the top ten of the United States, Japan and Germany. And in 2012-2013 the largest donor to the organization is the bill and Melinda gates: size of funds allocated to the who, it has even overtaken USA.

Коронавирус: есть ли у Трампа повод прекратить финансирование ВОЗ?

Коронавирус: есть ли у Трампа повод прекратить финансирование ВОЗ?

Коронавирус: есть ли у Трампа повод прекратить финансирование ВОЗ?

Коронавирус: есть ли у Трампа повод прекратить финансирование ВОЗ?

Коронавирус: есть ли у Трампа повод прекратить финансирование ВОЗ?