Coronavirus: Ministry of foreign Affairs has created an operational headquarters to respond to spread in the world

Коронавирус: МИД создал оперативный штаб для реагирования на распространение в мире

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine set up an operational headquarters to coordinate the work of governments and international organizations with the aim of protecting Ukrainian citizens abroad and provide them with relevant information on the distribution COVID-19 in the world

The operational headquarters was created at the initiative of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

“Coronavirus – fast and dangerous. At the same time, the Ministry should be quick to guarantee the safety of our citizens. So today I created in the Ministry of foreign Affairs operational staff and page of informing. First, to ensure that our citizens, no matter where they were in time to receive the necessary information and not rely on unreliable sources. secondly, that every citizen of Ukraine felt that is under the protection of the Ukrainian state, which will provide the necessary support and assistance”, – said the Minister.

The Agency also created a special page in social networks to provide relevant information about the work of staff and the spread of coronavirus in the world.

According to the Minister, the main goal of the operational headquarters to coordinate the work of the foreign Ministry with the involved authorities in Ukraine and missions of international organizations to provide assistance to citizens of Ukraine who are abroad in areas affected by the coronavirus. We will remind, on March 9 in infected COVID-19 resident of Chernivtsi repeatedly was diagnosed with coronavirus. Who said that recovery from a coronavirus can take up to 6 weeks. In severe cases – up to several months. According to the Ukrainian intelligence, Russia expelled the Ukrainians, who were returning from China in ORDO, despite the presence of Russian “passport”. Later it became known that in the ORDO hospitalized woman with suspected coronavirus. As of March 10, Ukraine checked 40 suspected coronavirus. Discovered one case. Four stage inspection.

Chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko said that in the near future the country will receive an additional 50 test systems for the detection of coronavirus infection, and that on March 15-16 will do a quick test system.

During the day on March 10 in the hospital of Chernivtsi hospitalized three people at once, which will be tested for coronavirus.