Coronavirus: Scientists have named a drug that reduces the mortality rate from coronavirus

Коронавирус: Ученые назвали лекарство, которое снижает смертность при коронавирусе

Medication Dexamethasone decreased 33% mortality among heavy patients with the coronavirus in Britain.

Oxford researchers conducted a large controlled clinical trial Recovery, write “Facts.ICTV”.

Found that the steroid reduces mortality by one third among patients on artificial lung ventilation. One-fifth fewer deaths among patients receiving supplemental oxygen.

At the same time, the medications showed no effect for patients with mild Covid-19.

The study of dexamethasone

The drug reduces inflammation and helps to reduce damages that may occur due to activation of the immune system – the cytokine storm.

Held in March the study involved 11.5 thousand patients of the 175 British hospitals. 2.1 thousand study participants received dexamethasone.

In intensive care the drug was administered intravenously, in less severe patients taking it in pill.

Cheap dexamethasone

Dexamethasone was invented in the 1960-ies for the treatment of various conditions, including problems with his lungs. “It is the only drug that reduces mortality significantly. This is a great breakthrough,” said Professor Peter Horeb.

The Oxford researchers said, that are working to as soon as possible to publish full information. Therefore, reducing the risk of death by 33% is of great importance.

Among patients on oxygen therapy, he saves one life from 20-25. If the medication is used from the start of the pandemic, it would be possible to save up to 5 thousand lives. “Treatment with dexamethasone lasts up to 10 days and it costs about 5 pounds (169 UAH. – ed ) So to save the lives of predominantly costs 35 pounds (about 1, 2 thousand UAH. – ed.). It is a drug that is available worldwide,” added Professor Martin Landray.

The Study Of Ibuprofen

In Britain also tested the drug Ibuprofen, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It helps patients who have difficulty breathing.

Animal testing has shown it to be effective in the fight against respiratory failure is one of the complications of coronavirus.

At the same time Ibuprofen is dangerous if a person has problems with the digestive system.