Coronavirus topple the Chinese smartphone market

We heard predictions about the impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus in various sectors of the market including the smartphone market. It now became known to the first real data on the impact of the pandemic.


Statistics provided by analysts CAICT, indicates that over the past month, China’s shipments of smartphones fell by 38.9%, to 20.8 million units. While these data are not compared with earlier results, but most likely, this is the worst figure for many years.

Edition Weixin said that the proceeds of Chinese brands fell even more – by 42.9%. Against this background it is an interesting fact that in January, China released 34 new mobile phone models, and it is 6.3% more than last year.

Some analysts believe that by the end of the first quarter, the smartphone market of China will shrink by more than 30%. What will be the results in other markets is not yet known, the data will be analyzed later.

What is important to know about the coronavirus Covid-19?
This virus was recorded in China in late 2019. Subsequently, however, the virus has spread to Japan, South Korea, Philippines, USA and several European countries. The most dangerous among the European countries was Italy (Northern regions). There disease is found in 655, and died from it 17 patients. In Ukraine, there was not a single case of infection with a dangerous virus from China.

Covid-19 became the seventh virus of this type, which can be infected person. According to the latest data from the virus died 2 858 people, in General, ill 83 391 people (as of the morning of February 28, 2020). By the way, there is good news: for 36 598 recovered from the coronavirus.

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