Coronavirus will slow down the process in the case of the downed “Boeing”?

Коронавирус затормозит процесс по делу о сбитом "Боинге"?

In the Netherlands resumed on shot down over the Donbas “Boeing”. Protection of one of the accused, Russian Oleg Pulatova, announced the reasons for a possible delay of the hearing.

The epidemic of coronavirus has not yet suspended the process in the Netherlands in the case of the downed over Donbass Malaysian “Boeing-777”, but judging by the renewed Monday, June 8 meetings, it is not impossible. The first block of the preliminary hearings in the district court of the Hague held in March, and in the end due to coronavirus-related restrictions was not present nor relatives of victims, journalists. Now they are again given the opportunity, but the number of seats in a hall of court complex on the outskirts of Amsterdam airport “Schiphol”, where, in specially built next to the press centre limited. As before, the live broadcast with English translation, you can watch online.

Why is the second block of hearings

From the second block of hearings, which began on schedule and is expected to last until July 3, depends largely on the future course of the process – whether it comes to consideration on the merits, and when. This is due to the position of the citizen of Russia Oleg Pulatova – the only one of four defendants who have actively responded to the accusation, and whose interests are two Dutch lawyer. From them these days waiting for possible preliminary objections and requests for further investigation, which may delay the review indefinitely.

The investigation was conducted by the joint investigation team (JIT), which includes representatives of the Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, Australia and Ukraine. She came to the conclusion that departed on 17 July 2014 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17 “Malaysian airlines” was shot down in Eastern Ukraine by a missile from air defense systems “Buk”, brought from Russia. Killed all 298 people on Board. In addition to Pulatova, charges were brought against two more Russians – to Igor Girkin, who at the time was “Minister of defence” self-proclaimed “Donetsk people’s Republic”, and Sergey Dubinsky. All three are connected with the Russian special services. The fourth defendant was a citizen of Ukraine Leonid Kharchenko, who fought on the side of the separatists. The Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands considers that they played a key role in the delivery and use of “Beech”.

The investigation is continuing, and since the first block of hearings the volume of business increased, exceeding currently 40 thousand pages. Presiding judge Hendrick of Stingas said that the materials will be attached and the recent high-profile interview with Girkin.

Why the lawyers can ask to defer consideration of

One of the lawyers Pulatov, Sabina ten Doeschate, said Monday that the volume of cases is so large that it is difficult for them to read it for a few months. She also complained of having to make important decisions is not enough personal contact with the defendant. In particular, due to coronavirus restrictions broke down the planned two-week trip to Russia. According to the lawyer, the possibility of talking on the phone or through the Internet, because it is impossible to guarantee confidentiality and you must first establish trust. On the question of prosecuting attorney she said that in recent months, the lawyers talked with Mr. Pulatov only indirectly, through the Russian lawyer Elena Cutina, which does not represent the accused in court, but was present at the opening of the process in March. On Monday it was not in the room.

Finally, the lawyer criticized the failure to transfer the case file to Dutch and English to Russian language. The prosecuting attorney responded that the summary and part biting directly Pulatova, have been translated into Russian language. On the question of whether the defendant has read the case materials, Sabine ten Doeschate said, “I don’t know.” In General, the performance of the lawyer sounded like a possible case for the defence, if she will ask the court to suspend the hearings.

On the question of charges, as lawyers see the future of the process, the attorney for a clear answer has not given, saying only that the defense voiced its position. It will happen in any case after the prosecution finish the job on Monday the presentation of the investigation. During the presentation, the representatives of the Prosecutor’s office in detail tell about how he collected and analysed the materials of the case, illustrating the performance of photo – and video materials and recordings of intercepted telephone conversations. In fact, we are talking about several mini-investigations, from the study of aircraft wreckage, dead bodies and parts of the rocket tests in different countries in the missile complex “Buk”, the validation of telephone conversations and the testimony of witnesses. It is expected that this presentation, which largely repeats the already published data will take several days.

What was said in court about Russia

On the role of Russia, which denies involvement in the crash “Boeing” in the first day of the second block of hearings mentioned only in passing. In addition, the prosecuting attorney Dedi Voi-A-Tsoi said that “Russia has played and plays an important role” in the events in the Donbass, promising later to dwell on this in more detail. These events she described as “armed conflict between the Ukrainian army and several armed groups”. The Voi-A-Tsoi said that the prosecution is using the umbrella term “separatists,” although, according to her, many of these groups “were not citizens of Ukraine, who wanted to secede and citizens of Russia who came to Ukraine to fight.”

Коронавирус затормозит процесс по делу о сбитом "Боинге"?

Коронавирус затормозит процесс по делу о сбитом "Боинге"?

Коронавирус затормозит процесс по делу о сбитом "Боинге"?