Cosmetics and perfume: choose the best tools for the winter

Косметика и парфюмерия: выбираем лучшие средства на зиму

Each season it is advisable to update your makeup bag to top up her makeup and perfume, which would be ideal for a woman in extreme temperatures, characteristic of a period. So if in summer the heat is a preference for lighter textures of cosmetics and refreshing fragrances in the winter it is better to bet on more dense cream and persistent expressive perfume (that is not lost on the background of the cold winter air).

Skin care in winter

Sudden temperature changes, scratchy wind, dry air inside the heated space is not the best way affect the condition of the skin. Many complain of dryness, flaking in the winter. To remedy the situation, it is recommended that:

  • To unsubscribe from cleansers with alcohol in the composition in favor of moisturizing gel, face lotion without alcohol. Scrubs is also better to remove – at that time they can be useful only for women with oily skin and once every 7-10 days.
  • Moisturizers, especially with a weightless texture, it is better to replace the nutritious. Okay, that funds were enriched with vitamins A, E, F, B5, vegetable oils (cocoa, avocado, Shea butter), lipids (it is a fatlike substance). They form on the skin a protective film, preventing its overdrying. And even with them the skin continues to breathe fully. Useful plant extracts (calendula, chamomile, sage), they comfort, removes irritation, peeling.
  • Definitely need to pick up for the winter lip balm. It can be worn alone or under lipstick (matte, for example, in the winter very dry skin). Ideally, the balm is supposed to contain oil (Shea, Shea), vegetable extracts (most often used berries, medicinal plants), vitamins a, E.
  • You can and should use in the winter tonal resources – they create an additional protective barrier. The best options are creams, including BB creams, cream blush, powder.

Also in the winter is the time to do a nutritional mask, can be up to 2-3 times a week. Shown chemical peel at the beautician, massage they improve blood circulation and, as a consequence, nutrition.

Hair care

Due to changes in temperature, constant wearing of headgear, the hair becomes dull, brittle, electrified. Many have noted the appearance of dandruff, excess oil. To avoid these problems, stylists recommend:

  • Rarely use the dryer, and if not, not to neglect the heat means they minimize the damage from heat exposure.
  • Regularly moisturize the hair. It is better to buy a nourishing shampoo with natural oils and balms, masks – they will not only give your hair Shine, but also make it easier to comb. Useful leave-in oil for the tips – they make locks smooth and silky.
  • Use scrubs for the scalp. They are especially relevant for fans of styling products – the frequent use of those is not completely washed off, which disrupted the sebaceous glands. The scrub cleans the skin and removes their traces. In some products there are also natural oils that provide extra nourishment, Shine.

Косметика и парфюмерия: выбираем лучшие средства на зиму

The hair is not electrified, you need to use a conditioner with antistatic effect.

What flavors to choose for the winter

The same perfume on the skin in the winter and summer can unfold in different ways. So, sharp, refreshing in the cold often become too Intrusive and unpleasant, and the floral, fruity with a delicate aroma is able at all to remain invisible.

Косметика и парфюмерия: выбираем лучшие средства на зиму

Therefore, in order not to lose, with the arrival of winter it is better to choose a perfume with Oriental spicy notes (cinnamon, cardamom) – they are also called warming. Other options – citrus (with hints of Mandarin, orange), powdery, especially with a train.