Couillard quotes Motrec as a model of the fight against American protectionism

Prime Minister Philippe Couillard believes that Motrec International represents a possible solution to the protectionist measures of Trump. A few days before leaving for Washington and New York, where he will defend Québec against this issue, he sees the Sherbrooke company as an example to follow.
“Part of the solution to counter the decisions of the US administration is to have local supply chains to the finished product. We have a good example here today, “he said.

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Motrec International buys mainly raw materials in Canada, then arrives with a finished product and sells it all over the world.

“This is a great company that Mr. McIntosh acquired a few years ago. They are precursors. They have been designing electric vehicles for over thirty years. We’re talking about two thousand units a year, 80 per cent exported to the United States, “said Couillard.

Accompanied by MPs from Estrie, the Prime Minister visited the Sherbrooke plant, which is preparing to move to Portland Street to benefit from a 70,000 square foot space, which is three times the current size.

The Prime Minister intends to use the example of Motrec during his meetings next week in Washington and New York.

“There are companies here that could evolve into a business model that is more like this and have their supply chain in Canada as much as possible,” he said.

Motrec International will be relocating in three weeks, while it has been more than a year since construction is under way. Mr. McIntosh believes that things should move very quickly once his business is established in the new plant.

The company currently located in the Gene-H.-Kruger Industrial Park manufactures customizable industrial electric vehicles according to requests from customers all over the world.

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