“Counterrevolutionaries SBU got guys in the wet”. Talking about new facts in the murder of Shermet

"Контрики из СБУ втянули ребят в мокрое". О чем говорят новые факты по убийству Шермета

This week, the attorney General’s Office questioned police work in the case of Pavel Sheremet – who was killed in 2016 journalist.

Given the fact that on the eve of “the Servant of the people” said about the subject of stay to the interior Minister Avakov in his post from success in Sheremet, the position of the OGPU was perceived as a Wake-up call for the Minister and maybe the prologue to his resignation.

On the other hand, the case of Sheremet objectively while not pleased with the progress. A month and a half with the presentation of the first suspicions, direct evidence against the three arrested volunteers the investigation is not presented.

And, given the pressure not only from the nationalists of the support group of suspects, but also from above (the Prosecutor General), has spread a theory that is now generally the court can release them from detention (utochnite Dugar his already softened). And then the thing will just fall apart.

However, in recent days began to appear some new information in the murder of Sheremet. Which shows that the consequence still has some aces up his sleeve.

Especially interesting leaks of telephone conversations that confirm the possible involvement of the SBU to this story.

“Country” publishes new data on the case of journalist.

Audio “Puma”, “Buchi” and Kuzmenko

Lawyer Andriy Portnov has published three audio recordings that shed some light if not for the murder itself Sheremet, on people who could be involved in it.

They, in particular, appears atoshnik “Butch” – Vladislav Gryshchenko. Which is officially a suspect in the case is not, though initially Avakov said that privcate that killed Sharamet, similar to that used Grishchenko on another crime. While according to initial information Grishchenko and his wife ina (“Puma”) could be relevant to the explosion of a car of the journalist.

Now “Butch” is in jail. The first record he communicates with a certain Andriy Omelchenko – as reported Portnow, is an employee of the SBU.

Gryshchenko tells the curator that “we begin to turn to the case of Sheremet”. What he advises him not to sign, “I am not I and not my hut”.

Sbushnik also tells about the mysterious death of a colleague “Buchi” Ivan Vakulenko “Gun” – which according to the official version was shot after the call on interrogation on the case of Sheremet.

Omelchenko is surprised that his side found the discharged shell, although shoot Vakulenko supposedly from a shotgun.

Second audio with “Butch” for his conversation with his wife, Inna (“Puma”). In the fall she was arrested on the case of her husband, who was trying to kill the entrepreneur in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The conversation happened when Inna was still at large. They are discussing the idea of “Buchi” to blame the murder of the deceased Sheremet at that time the “Gun”.

However, it is unclear whether they are involved in the death of the journalist. Vlad told his wife that the police “turns” to the case of Sheremet. And would it not be reasonable to give law enforcement what they want. To get them a deal and to avoid responsibility for another crime.

“To come to a mutual decision with them: they are after Kiev shut down the whole x@ynyu, and we supposedly confirm that Shaw Vanya involved. And refer to the deceased James on this journalist,” says “Butch”.

Wife tries to dissuade him, promising that she’ll do it if necessary, and the husband should remain silent. Then she calls the idea of her husband “poem” and “fiction”. “The smaller the lie, the less you will get confused, okay?”.

This conversation may shed light on why the interior Ministry had not included a “Puma” and “Buchu” in the case of Sheremet. From the conversation follows that such attempts were. And in order to stop them, Grishchenko even going to say that the journalist was killed by “the Gun” and to help the police to “disclose” the case.

But, apparently, this idea of “Butch” refused.

The third record concerns a suspect of Julia Kuzmenko. She communicates with Vasilisa Mazorchuk – former press officer of the battalion “Donbass” and “Dnepr-1”.

Says Portnow, Mazurchak the wife of an officer of the SBU, expert and consultant on operational issues of the 1st division of the 5th Management of Department of counterintelligence of SBU.

“The SBU was one of those who formed the roof for radicals, which was carried out in our country, intentional homicide, violence, under the guise of volunteers, military heroes, patriots and heroes of the Revolution of the Maidan,” – said Portnow.

Vasilisa complains that the division of the husband going under the new government to dissolve. “Five will not be… Came the chief clown. Bakanov really ruining the service,” says Mazurczyk.

“F@PA, of course,” responds Kuzmenko.

After the publication of this record of Mazorchuk in Facebook acknowledged the authenticity of the recording, adding that there “is carved laughter and keywords”. She has also published the correspondence with the speaker of the Ministry, Artem Shevchenko, which puts it claims that the interior Ministry “sells records.”

Shevchenko, in turn, says Kuzmenko and Antonenko killed “Russian agent Sheremet”, but was blind – didn’t know who to go to eliminate. Therefore, they are required to tell who the good part.

However, Shevchenko says bluntly, who exactly advised the suspects to commit murder Sheremet: “your friends Opera counterrevolutionaries (employees of counterintelligence of SBU – Ed.) screwed up, got the boys in the wet and we threw to investigate”.

Overall, the record, published Portnov shed light on two points:

Communication “Buchi” and maybe Julia Kuzmenko with the SBU. Also a hint to it the entire movement of activists and veterans. This is a very interesting thread, which could lead to customer of a crime. A particularly amusing moment is the Council “did not sign” in the case of Sheremet.

“Butch” wanted to hide behind the dead “Gun” to stop “twist” in the case of Sheremet (“Country” have been told that it was tested for involvement in the murder even in the summer). However, this can hardly be interpreted as a confession: most likely Gryshchenko hoped with this tricky combination to obtain a certain softening in the case for which he was arrested.

The interior Ministry, according to the correspondence of Andriy Shevchenko, believe that the assassination Sheremet are in the counterintelligence of SBU. However, does this mean that it will soon be followed by the presentation of a suspicion of specific employees of the security services – still an open question.

The roast, which was not. Other information on the case

Part of the new information on the case were released by police.

The interior Ministry denied a number of claims of protection. For example, Andrei Antonenko has an alibi. Earlier, his friend Alexei Yermolov said that “Riffmaster” at the time of the murder was at his home in Vorzel, where they grilled kebab.

Police conducted a check and found that this information is false. The interior Ministry has decided to declassify interrogation video of Yermolov, which he denied this information myself. Dropping before his comment in the media about the “meat”.

“Confused date”, – said the interrogation Yermolov.

However, Yermolov draws for perjury because he told me about the alibi during interrogation, and on TV.

Other response agencies Avakov concerned Sbushnika Andrew Omelchenko, who instructed “the fur fly”, how to behave in the case of Sheremet. The interior Ministry promised to call him in for questioning.

“In connection with this fact (a publication Portnov record the conversation.) we have already made a request to the security service to establish if there is any man there, whether he is there to serve and what position he holds. Us surprised by this conversation. It is the place to be. Again, what have we learned from public sources about this, check. Be sure to call Andrew Omelchenko for questioning. And find out the specific circumstances,” said the investigator for particularly important cases of the Main investigation Department of national police Alexey Katyn “Country”.

In parallel Portnow has published another refutation of the protection Kuzmenko and Antonenko. The lawyer said that they barely are familiar with, and have seen literally 2-3 times in my life.

“The suspect in the murder of Pavel Sheremet “musician” Antonenko lied, saying that a complete acquaintance with the suspect “doctor” Kuzmenko he had after the murder of a journalist on the concert of 21 July 2016.

Me on extracted data, the defendants had 14 telephone calls and 89 contacts in Facebook before the murders, and 90 (74 calls, SMS 16) and 163 contact to Facebook after the tragedy.

In addition, Antonenko had 15 calls with her husband Kuzmenko with Kiana to murder Paul and 253 connection after his assassination,” wrote the lawyer in the telegram.

Portnow also published a photo which depicts “Riffmaster” and “Fox” – the nicknames of the main suspects.

"Контрики из СБУ втянули ребят в мокрое". О чем говорят новые факты по убийству Шермета

"Контрики из СБУ втянули ребят в мокрое". О чем говорят новые факты по убийству Шермета

"Контрики из СБУ втянули ребят в мокрое". О чем говорят новые факты по убийству Шермета

"Контрики из СБУ втянули ребят в мокрое". О чем говорят новые факты по убийству Шермета