Countries whose citizens died in the crash UIA, has developed a position on dealing with Iran

Страны, чьи граждане погибли в авиакатастрофе МАУ, разработали положение о взаимодействии с Ираном

Foreign Minister of Ukraine, great Britain, Canada, Sweden and Afghanistan have created a framework for cooperation.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada françois-Philippe champagne announced the creation of a framework for cooperation with Iran in investigating the causes of the disaster Boeing 737 “Ukraine International airlines”.

“Today, the members of the coordination group created a framework for cooperation with Iran, which we will post online later today,” he said at a briefing in London on Thursday following the meeting of the foreign Ministers of Ukraine, the UK, Canada, Sweden and Afghanistan – countries whose citizens died in the plane crash.

According to him, the framework focused on five key elements that will help in working with the government of Iran.

“We are talking about, first, a full and clear access to officials in Iran and inside the country to provide consular services. Secondly, you must ensure that the identification process of the victims is carried out adequately, transparently and in accordance with international standards, and that the wishes of the families on repatriation are respected in all cases. Third, is to provide a thorough, independent and transparent international investigation, open to “grieving Nations”, regulated by the Convention on international civil aviation. Fourth, to ensure that Iran takes on full responsibility for the Downing of flight PS 752 and recognizes their obligations to the families of the victims, including compensation. Fifth, to ensure accountability of the responsible persons independent criminal investigation, followed by transparent and impartial judicial proceedings that meet international standards of due process and human rights,” – said the Minister.

Champagne assured that the group will work on the investigation of the following months and possibly years.

“Obviously, Iran has admitted full responsibility… but the investigation will lead to a clear reason, and to bring to justice those responsible for this terrible tragedy,” he explained.

The Minister also thanked for the assistance the Netherlands and said that the lessons learned from the crash of MH-17 over the Donbas, will be taken into account.

“We even asked the Dutch government if they would consent to having observers in our different working groups we decided to create because we want to make sure, and I think the families of the victims deserve that we use the best possible expertise in the world and the lessons of MH-17”, – he said.

Champagne also added that the affected countries will demand that Iran be included in its investigations of international experts.

We will remind, the plane’s regular flight Tehran – Kiev airline “UIA” crashed in Iran on the morning of 8 January. Killed 176 people from seven countries, including 11 of Ukrainians (nine crew members and two passengers).