COVID-19 could change the light beyond recognition – the scientist

COVID-19 может изменить легкие до неузнаваемости - ученый

COVID-19 can do the lungs of patients who died after infection, “absolutely unrecognizable”. This was stated by the Professor at University College London Mauro Giaka. According to him, the disease causes such serious damage to the lungs, those who stayed in hospital more than a month, he was in “complete destruction” of that body, reports The Guardian.

The scientist told the British Parliament on the results of their research, which indicate “a real problem” for those who have suffered COVID-19. Giaka said that he had studied the autopsy results of patients who had from 30 to 40 days in hospitals in Italy. He revealed an unusually high presence of coronavirus in the lungs, and an unusual fused cells.

“What can you see in the lungs of people who were in hospital more than a month of death, is something completely different from the ordinary pneumonia, influenza and the SARS virus. You see a massive thrombosis. The complete destruction of the architecture of the lung – sometimes you can’t even understand what it used to be easy. A large number of merged cells, infected with a virus. They have 10-15 cores. I’m sure this explains the high pathologicaly COVID-19. It is not a disease that is caused by a virus that kills cells, which complicates therapy”, – the scientist said during a speech in the Committee of the house of lords on science and technology.

The testimony of the scientist was made in the House of Lords, which was attended by scientists and physicians. They are all in the past six months after the appearance of the disease in Europe, trying to understand its nature, possible ways of treatment and do recover her immune system.

Sir John bell, Professor of medicine at Oxford and a member of the government Commission on the search for a vaccine, said the understanding, whether produced by the patients immune system, may occur after the second wave of infection by the coronavirus in the UK, which now seems very likely.

“Given that the quarantine is almost canceled, we turn to the active life and have seen a significant increase of infection rate. I’ll be very surprised if we avoid the second wave. The real question is, will we have a series of flashes, and then the second wave or the second wave”, – he said.

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