Crash of the Soyuz rocket Oct 11: causes, consequences, news

Аварія ракети Союз 11 жовтня: причини, наслідки, новини

October 11, 11:40 GMT, from Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan) was launched booster “Soyuz-FG”, which was supposed to deliver crew and cargo to the International space station. However, after a few minutes after the launch of the rocket shut off the engines.

What happened to the Soyuz rocket?

Through 119 seconds after launch the missile emergency shut down the engines of the second stage. The ship did not even leave the atmosphere.

After that triggered the emergency beacon, the ship was divided into compartments and released the parachute. The crew managed to evacuate.

Why did the accident occur?

According to Russian media, the accident with the carrier rocket “Soyuz” could happen due to bad mounting blocks. So, one of the blocks in the second degree could hook the Central unit during removal.

Possibly due to bad mounting when you remove the blocks in the second degree, one of them could hook the Central unit, which caused the accident
the source said.

In this case, the block simply lost orientation, then worked emergency shutdown of engines of the second stage. After the ship has separated and triggered an emergency parachute. The source also assured that in the preparation of the launch of the Soyuz ground control system worked properly.

The time of the accident rocket “Soyuz”: video

Meanwhile, Roscosmos promises to investigate and test space-Rocket center Progress, where it was held the missile.

The condition of the astronauts?

During the launch of the missiles on Board were two cosmonauts, the Russian Alexey Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague. Both crew members are in satisfactory condition. This was stated in the “Roskosmos” and NASA. Even the Russians released photos and video with the astronauts after landing.

They were taken to the town of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan, where both the astronauts passed a medical examination. After checking the astronauts were taken to the Baikonur (cosmodrome in Kazakhstan). There they met with their families.

What happens to the mission on the ISS?

Now on the ISS are German astronaut Alexander Hurst (station commander) with colleagues serine Audioon-Chancellor from U.S. and Russian Sergey Prokopyeva. October 4, ended the work of the 56th expedition, so 3 crew members – astronauts Richard Arnold and Andrew Feustel (both USA) and Russian Oleg Artemyev returned to Earth.

Alex Ovchinin and Nick Haig were to change the captain of the ISS and test on-orbit a 3D bio-printer that creates tissue.

Hurst has already commented on the incident in his Twitter. The first thing he wrote: “I am glad that with friends all right.” He also noted that the “Union” demonstrated skill, saving the life of the team. And added that “space flight is a tough case”.

Another source, in communication with the Russian media, said that the current ISS crew can continue working until December in the same composition.

They can continue working in the current structure until December, when will the next planned start. The decision may jointly adopt “Roskosmos” and NASA,
the source said.

According to the schedule in December 2018 on the ISS have to go doubles the current crew of Oleg Kononenko and David Saint-Jacques.

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