Crazy Asian on mini-crutches choking blanket – how to capture traffic for Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne

Безумный азиат на мини-костылях душит одеяло - как захватывали движения для Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne

For a convincing animation of some monsters in the Monster Hunter World is to say thanks to the motion capture. However, what effectively looks in the game, behind the scenes sometimes turns into a funny sight.

Japanese Twitter games shared a small video that demonstrates the process of motion capture for animation APE-like monster named Rang in addition Iceborne. Of course, to give light weight sensors real monkey did not – it was successfully replaced actor.

The excerpt shows the creation of the cut scenes where Rang fighting ancient dragon with Kirin. In the role of Ranga – screaming and writhing employee of Capcom with pieces resembling mini-crutches. In the role of Kirin – suspended from the ceiling structure made of foam, folded blankets and a plastic bottle.

The authors of the Monster Hunter World has previously revealed how they use motion capture, – a short passage with the use of technology can be found in a video about the development of the original.

By the way, Rang appeared in the console versions Iceborne last fall, while PC gets only 6 February. In the future, such delays should not be – from April 2020 fresh content for all platforms will come out at the same time.