Created a flying robot that overcomes a kilometer in a few minutes – Techno 24

Створили літаючого робота, що долає кілометр за кілька хвилин - Техно 24

Researchers from the Netherlands are working to create flying robots. One of the projects was called Nimble (motor). This robot is equipped with four wings that can fly as fast as real insects.

About it writes The Verge.

The robot is able to control flight in three axes, the flight resembles the motion of live insects. While the robot can fly on one battery charge a little more than 5 minutes to overcome the distance of about a kilometre.

As assured developers, the work can be used in a wide range of tasks. But the exact scope is not yet known.

Now the work is taught to reproduce the flight dynamics and maneuvering of insects, for example, when fruit flies evade predators and people.

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