Created a mini-chamber for insects

Создана мини-камера для насекомых

Today the team of enthusiasts from the University of Washington presented to all fans and lovers of modern micro-robotics something really interesting – we are talking about the new model normalnimi camera weighing just 250 mg, which is perfectly placed on the back of almost any major insect. It is worth noting that this format of application is originally designed to remove various kinds of documentaries and to get a nice gluing of nature, but now the possibilities of the camera and its potential areas of use have been somewhat extended.

It is worth noting the fact that the mini-camera for insects of this sort is something really interesting because it allows a fairly high contrast shot in a fairly compact size. As for the model, developed by specialists from the University of Washington, it, in addition to extremely small size and weight, and also has a flexible swivel mechanism with a ruler, which can perform a rotation to 60 degrees.

This approach allows in theory to make a really high quality version of the documentary, and at the same time, experts say that they are going to modify the concept of this camera in order to make friends with her little robots and various robotic systems of this type. Thus, the camera promises to be a really promising development, not to mention to give many users a convenient type of shooting under any circumstances.

Mini camera this kind has a really unusual format for all those users who are interested in that possible way to implement non-standard ways of shooting. Here you can look for different options such footage is, of course, but experts aims to continue to create multiple configurations of this camera, so it remains to wait for the end.


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