Created a mobile application for training powers of concentration

Создано мобильное приложение для тренировки способности к концентрации

Scientists from Cambridge University have developed an app that trains your ability to concentrate and, thus, allows to deal with attention deficit disorder, reports EurekAlert!.

According to the researchers, problems with concentration among young people arise from the fact that in the modern world they are forced to respond quickly to emails, messages, and work on multiple projects in parallel. These factors are also exacerbated by stress and lack of sleep. Scientists claim that the game is on the app Decoder for eight hours per month helps to improve concentration and attention.

In the study, researchers watched 75 healthy young adults that were divided into three groups, one of them played in the Decoder, the other in “Bingo”, and the third received no games. Throughout the month the participants of the first two groups had eight times for an hour to play the game. In the second phase of the study, the players participated in a five-minute test in which they tried to calculate certain combinations of three numbers.

The researchers say that those who played in the Decoder, coped with the task much better than the rest of the group. The effect of the game can be compared with the reception of the Central nervous system stimulants.