Created a smart mirror with a virtual coach

Создали умное зеркало с виртуальным тренером

Mirror company that has been manufacturing fitness equipment, has released an updated version of the original mirror with LCD screen. The developers added to the mirror virtual trainer that helps with personal home exercise.

Reports smart mirror has a built-in microphone, speaker and video camera that enables a personal virtual coach to see what the user is doing.

What fitness trainer Mirror provides feedback in real time. That is, the class will be held as usual in the gym.

How does it work? First mirror determines the priorities in training for the user and based on the collected data determines the style of workout, duration and schedule.

During a session, the user sees one of your instructors on the screen, as well as its form and biometric data (heart rate, etc.).

Price. It is worth the pleasure is not enough – 1 495 USD (37 400 Euro). Additionally you will need to pay monthly for access to personal training sessions for $ 39 (almost a thousand hryvnia).

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