Created a video game that improves concentration in children

About 97% of teenagers playing video games have the potential to develop attention, not her loss.

The research team designed a video game that improves children’s attention, according to University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Most educational video games focused on the presentation of information: the various facts of a particular subject, such as biology or chemistry. Our goal is different, we want to change the cognitive or emotional processes – how children think and process the information you are trying to find
– says the study’s lead author Elena Patsenko.

The game is called “Tenacity” requires players to thought your breathing by touching the touch screen – this allows the user to move forward. The game leads a person through relaxing landscapes, such as ancient Greek ruins and space.

Players earn more points and advance in the game, if you just follow its rules. This method trains your awareness and concentration.

Создали видеоигру, которая повышает концентрацию внимания у детей

Создали видеоигру, которая повышает концентрацию внимания у детей

The game can improve cognitive functions /

During the study, 95 children were randomly assigned to one of two groups: “Tenacity” or “Fruit Ninja”.

Each of the participants invited to play the game 30 minutes a day for two weeks. Before and after the experiment, the experts conducted brain scans of the participants.

The researchers found that the Teens from the group’s Tenacity has been a change in the coupling between the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the left lower parietal cortex of the brain, responsible for attention. And the children played Fruit Ninja, did not demonstrate these changes.

Walkthrough “Tenacity”: video

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