Created gadget which reduces pain during menses

Создали гаджет, который уменьшает боль при месячных

Livia rounded gadget that can ease the lives of half of humanity. The gadget is attached to the body using two electrodes affects the nerves blocking pain.

The developers explain the principle of operation so: Livia sends out nerve signals, which load them so that to handle the pain, they can not, and it remains imperceptible.

The gadget is in the process of FDA approval and receipt of CE marking, which allows distribution in the EU. The testing process involved 163 women, clinical testing was supervised by a Professor from the Medical center named after Yitzhak Rabin. Livia is available for women of any age, but it is contraindicated in people with heart rhythm problems and uses a pacemaker.

Создали гаджет, который уменьшает боль при месячных

A remedy that relieves menstrual pain

While the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign ($85 – a minimum price for a gadget, but there are interesting proposals like the “sister” of the pair set).

But the reviews of the gadget is entirely laudatory: women of all ages say it’s the only drug-free remedy which completely relieved their pain. To operate the device starts directly from the point of attachment to the skin, does not cause any side effects and addiction.

The power of the electrical pulses Livia can be adjusted by yourself, but in any case, the “beat shock”, they will not. The only drawback, which you can see in it now is the need to wear it on the waistband of the skirt or pants.

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