Created material which cannot be cut or drilled

Создан материал, который невозможно разрезать или просверлить

A team of scientists from Germany and the UK have developed the world’s first artificial material that resists cutting and its density is only 15% of the density of steel. When you try to cut it with a grinder or drill occurs the destructive vibration which blunts any cutting tool. The developers have used light armor and inaccessible to thieves x-ray equipment, reports the New Atlas.

For the invention material Proteus engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute and Durham University, was inspired by crisp grapefruit peel and solid aragonite shell of shellfish. In the end, Proteus consists of the ceramic balls inside the aluminum structure.

Disk sander or drill the drill penetrates through the first layer of material, but as soon as reaches the ceramic balls, there is a vibration which the instrument and fine dust fills the cavity in the porous structure of the metal. The faster the rotation of the drill bit, the harder it becomes material due to the action of interatomic forces on the ceramic granules.

“The power and energy of the disc or drill bit is drawn against them, weakens and destroys them” – as described by the developers of the basic concept.

Proteus is still effective against water-jet cutting – though I doubt bike thieves use this unit is because the ceramic spheres are expanding jet of water, thereby significantly slowing it. The density of new material is equal to only 15% of the density of steel.

“Actually, to cut our material like cutting jelly with bones, explained lead researcher Stefan Staniszewski. – Cut the jelly, you stumble upon the bones, and the material starts to vibrate so that the disc or drill down.”