Credit unions increased loans

Кредитные союзы нарастили выдачу займов

Natskomfinuslug has summed up the results of activities of credit unions in January-March 2019. According to the Commission, in the State register of financial institutions, there were 355 credit unions and 416 separate divisions of credit unions. It is reported Finpost.

On a regional basis the largest number of credit unions were registered in the following regions:

  • In Kiev and Kiev region – 39 (11% of the total);
  • Luhansk region – 31 (8,7%);
  • Donetsk region – 28 (7,9%);
  • Kharkiv region – 22 (6,2%);
  • Lviv region – 21 (5,9%).

Among the regions of Ukraine the number of members of credit unions at the reporting date was Lviv oblast (58.1 thousand people), Ivano-Frankivsk region (54.8 thousand people), Kyiv and Kyiv region (50 thousand people), Zakarpattia (42 thousand) and Dnipropetrovsk oblast (4.8 thousand people).

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Leaders in terms of assets were credit unions of Kiev and Kiev region (465,3 million UAH), Kherson (317 million UAH), Ivano-Frankivsk (256,4 million UAH), Lviv (224,4 million UAH) and Kharkiv (209 million UAH) regions.

According to the results of January-March 2019, still, a majority of credit unions (135 or 55.8 per cent) combines a small number of members – up to 1 thousand people.

The volume of credit portfolio of credit unions exceeded the amount of attracted deposits by almost 2 times. So, as of the end of the first quarter of 2019, the loans granted to members of credit unions amounted to 2.2 billion UAH and in comparison with the previous year increased by 11.9%.

The average size of one loan per member credit southsocial was 18.1 thousand UAH.

The largest share in the loan portfolio continued to take consumer loans with a share of 54.6%. Second place was taken by loans for the acquisition, construction and repair of real property amounted to 18.9%. The smallest share in the total volume of loans (3.6 percent) accounted for loans to farmers.

Credit unions and pawn shops: due to the increasing market of non-Bank lending

The greatest number of credit unions (31%) provided loans at a weighted average rate ranging from 40% to 50% per annum. More than half of credit unions (51,3%) provided their members with loans at an interest rate ranging from 30% to 50% per annum.

In the loan portfolio, the largest share (56.2 per cent) were loans with a maturity of more than 12 months. Also a significant proportion (41.5 per cent) had loans with the maturity from 3 to 12 months. The share of loans with maturity up to 3 months in total loan portfolio amounted to 2.3%.

Кредитные союзы нарастили выдачу займов