CRH closed? The district said the hospital will work

ЦРБ закрывают? В районе рассказали, как больница работать будет

In Melitopol and Melitopol district are spreading rumors that the Central district hospital will be closed. Say, optimization is a result of health reform. In the Melitopol district Council was told that the clinic wait.

The rumors that the CRB will cease to exist, circulate for a long time. And connect it with maareformi, predicting the treatment of district residents in Melitopol. Fueled rumors and daily closure of the hospital in Kostyantynivka. What actually will happen to the Central hospital, said the Chairman of the Melitopol district Council Alexander Face.

Alexander outlined: the question of the closure of the CRH is not worth it. She will continue to work and provide medical assistance to residents of the district, but in what form of ownership is unknown.

– On the dissolution of the district hospital out of the question. Now we discussed only the issues of unification with the Melitopol. As you know, the city presented a new hospital intensive therapies, medical care which will be able to and residents of nearby areas. In addition, on the street Brive-La-Gaillarde, a whole medical city, which includes a number of health facilities, including hospitals. It is not excluded that in the future the Central district hospital will be part of one of the city hospitals. But while such decision is not accepted. Whatever it was, CRB will not close – there will in any case to provide medical care to residents of the district, – said the Chairman of regional Council Alexander Face.

Unclear remains the question of operation on the basis of CRB mortuaries. In the near future it will be part of the regional Bureau is judicial-medical examination. Will it be on the basis of the regional hospital, unknown – this question will solve the Zaporozhye regional Council, which is subordinate to the pathology service.