Crickley and Taylor discussed in Mariupol concessions and “river” reform

Криклий и Тейлор обсудили в Мариуполе концессии и "речную" реформу

Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley met with the chargé d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor.

The meeting was held on October 30 in Mariupol commercial port, according to privacy office minifrastruktury.

They discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in sea, river, railway, aviation and road sectors and opportunities for investment in infrastructure projects in Ukraine.

Crickley thanked Taylor for the political, diplomatic and military support of Ukraine by the USA and noted that the domestic economy is gradually growing, despite of the aggression from the Russian side.

“For us, the overarching support of the United States and the world community. We have ambitious goals to attract more investors in the transport sector of Ukraine. To this end, the Parliament of Ukraine has passed the law on concessions. Started two pilot concession project in the sea ports of Olbia and Kherson, on the order of concession of sea ports Mariupol, Berdyansk, Odessa and the ferry complex in the port of Chernomorsk. In addition to the ports, our plans include concession roads, railway stations and regional airports. Thus, with the support of the world Bank we work on projects of a concession road M-06 Lviv – Stryi, M-09 Lviv – Ternopil, M-05 Kiev – White Church, M-10 Lviv – Krakovets. In cooperation with IFC, we are preparing a concession of the airports of Kherson, Chernovtsy, Zaporozhye and cargoterminal airport White Church. Also on the list of concession projects railway stations Kharkiv, Dnipro, Khmelnytsky, Nikolaev, chop” – said Crickley. The Minister noted that in addition to concession projects, Ukraine intends to increase freight on the rivers. According to him, it is expected that before the end of this year, the Parliament will vote the draft law on internal water transport, which will launch the “river” of reform.

Special attention during the meeting was paid to the safety and freedom of navigation in the Black and Azov seas. Crickley said that during the years of the Russian aggression and due to restrictions related to the Kerch bridge, the ports of Azov region lost almost half of the ship calls and cargo. In addition, a big blow for the sea ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk became the stop by the FSB vessels in the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, for the so-called “inspection”. All of these factors had a negative impact on the operation of the ports and the country’s economy.

In turn, Taylor noted that the US is interested in the economic and political success of Ukraine. He also drew attention to positive recovery rates of Ukrainian roads, in particular, on fast construction of “road of life” Mariupol-Zaporozhye, 155 km of which was done in 68 days.

As reported, on October 30 at the unity Forum in Mariupol Crickley stated that the Ministry of Infrastructure is considering the possibility of training sea trading ports in Mariupol and Berdyansk to concession.

Криклий и Тейлор обсудили в Мариуполе концессии и "речную" реформу

Криклий и Тейлор обсудили в Мариуполе концессии и "речную" реформу

Криклий и Тейлор обсудили в Мариуполе концессии и "речную" реформу