Crimea and Moscow going back to Kievan Rus! The state Duma plans to seize Ukraine

Крым и Москва вернутся в Киевскую Русь! В Госдуме строят планы по захвату Украины

The Deputy of the illegitimate State Duma Oleg Nilov said that the temporarily annexed Crimea will return to Ukraine only under condition of revival of Kievan Rus.

Moreover, he is dreaming about getting there the capital of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg and even the Far East. His insanity Nilov shared the air outreach program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1”, reports the observer.

“Crimea will return, and will return Kuban and Moscow, and Leningrad, and Vladivostok will return to Kievan Rus! Everything will return, and will be a great, big, powerful country. Fraternal people we need, we love it!” – he spoke, hinting at the takeover of Ukraine as an aggressor.