Crimea is pushing Putin’s regime to collapse, and Russia – the collapse

Крым подталкивает режим Путина к краху, а Россию - к распаду

The occupation of Crimea, the Kremlin has brought more problems than bonuses. Now he wants to get rid of them, and fantastic way, as usual. In particular, push us to the water supply in Crimea in exchange for the sailors and other prisoners of war.

A real bonus was only one – a surge of Imperial enthusiasm of the Russians from taking Crimea. This surge has allowed the Kremlin to withdraw from a fresh plume of negativity trailing from the Swamp, and to switch the Russians with the idea of fair elections on the idea of colonial conquest. Between the Maidan of 2013-2014, and “swamp” protests, which started in December 2011 and ran intermittently until July 2013 time gap of five months. This is negligible, especially if you consider that “swamp” and “belolentochnye” the Russians for a year and a half of protests have failed to achieve what the “orange” Ukrainians have achieved in three months in 2004-2005 – fair elections. “The swamp”, as the Maidan-2004 was a reaction to the blatant and massive election fraud in the state Duma of the first, and weaker in the presidential “election” 2012 Spring and summer 2013 meetings only tried to discourage the authorities arrested on the “swamp” and related matters. Maidan in Ukraine gave them a second wind and a half years in September 2016 Russia was waiting for new elections to the Duma and all that they could “shoot”.

In the Kremlin, especially after the flight of Yanukovych, almost saw reality “belolentochnye” or some kind of cruiser “Aurora” on the Moscow river.

The Kremlin has long wanted and not only wanted, but really was preparing to seize the Crimea from the Mercantile, and not from the sacred interests. That Crimea turns out to be Holy and sacred to every Russian, Bashkir, Chukchi, Ossetian, and especially for the Buryat Buddhists, just because there supposedly was baptized Prince Vladimir of Kiev, they reported only six months after his capture. How they ever lived without the Crimea and the Chersonese, which never belonged to the great Kievan princes, – is not clear. In Crimea only district of the city of Kerch (korcheva, in old Church Slavonic) was the personal property of the princes of Chernigov, it is not clear how ceded to them from the Greeks.

Was until, while on the Peninsula looked the army of Batu Khan, after which there was the city of the Crimea (instead of Kariya, and now Staryi Krym), which gave its name to the whole Peninsula. Slavic name, the Peninsula has no. So Moscow since 2014 is seeking to quietly rename the Crimea in the Taurida the Greek way, because Athens would not require it and not pull water from the Dnieper-the borysthenes. If you will require, together with the estuary of the don, the Tanis, the two banks of the sea of Azov and the coast of the Krasnodar territory. But it’s a series of those claims, which even in Russia presents to the world publicly is only one Zhirinovsky.

To 1783 in Muscovy/Russia quietly lived without the Crimea and it was not necessary to them. Before 2014, too, lived and believed that live normal, and even better than the whole world. But in 2014, through 999 years after the death of Prince Vladimir, they urgently needed a sacred Crimea. Especially those who have never been, and was not going to visit.

Fans of the magic numbers can flip it 999 years, as they could be done with the dates of the great Russian scientists Fomenko and Nosovskiy, and will get the number 666, as an undoubted proof that it is not in the correct year seized the Crimea and its occupation was the beginning of the end of Russia. Cartoonists from Russia it is time to draw a figure evil of the Crimea, Russia tearing, sucking out her juices and the like, instead of the affectionate chick figurines Crimea, fleeing to Russia, which they painted in 2014-2015

But the Kremlin in 2014 was not up to such mathematical niceties. In 2013-2014 he was standing almost in front of Lenin’s choice: today, in 2013, to take the Crimea early tomorrow – in 2015, it will be too late. I had to take in the uncomfortable, so that the Kremlin all was ready.

Moscow research institutes “zero” thoroughly studied everything that concerned the Crimea, including the state of its water resources, and even shrimp and protozoa that live in the sea near its shores. Often it was joint with the Ukrainian colleagues on research projects. Sometimes developed into international with the involvement of scientists from other black sea countries and even from Japan. Moscow gave the people and the money for the archaeological research in the Crimea and one in her expedition on the eve of the revolution of Dignity was but a protracted and sharp conflict with the local archaeologists. They suspected her boss Mark Kramarovsky in the kidnapping and export from the Russian Federation finds and information.

By 2014, Moscow was fully prepared for a military occupation of the Crimea and its development for quite scientific diagrams. The only question was the political decision of the Kremlin, and it appeared almost frightened by the visions of “belolentochnye” “by Aurora”.

Similar visions have been coming back to the Kremlin – in half a year again, elections to the state Duma in Moscow again “celebrations” for fair elections. Russia seem to have fallen into a vicious circle and in Ukraine a revolution again. At this time – that is to say, electorally. The President was “the devil bald”, the same, the appearance of which in Russia it is sociologists and political scientists predicted even six months before registration Zelensky candidate. Scientific and basbasa Russia all presentiments, albeit for different reasons.

The victory of the political project “the servant of the people” in the elections only confirmed the feeling that in the state Duma can get a clutch “bald little devils”. Of course, not as much as in the Parliament, but the Kremlin Tibet only from the idea that three or four imp can get into the Moscow Duma. With a sinking heart, waiting for there “single voting day” in September as a touchstone. Last year this day brought a Kremlin problems in the four districts. How many troubled districts will be this year no one knows, but clearly visible point of tension – the elections to Modemu and the Governor of St. Petersburg. This is not an election somewhere in the Khakassia Republic and the far East.

In Russia alone is now the tenth attempt strive to achieve fair elections, others are all working on new methods of falsification. On the neck of those and other weights hanging to the Crimea, and under the threshold of the Russian Federation is a time bomb – Ukraine, where the problem of fair elections decided back in 2004 the Decision was then half – Kivalov and Viktor Yanukovych did not put, therefore to confirm he had in 2014, the Maidan was not for the EU accession, as opposed to get into Russia, where everything is rigged – from the election and to the products and the Ukrainians have always valued authenticity and quality.

Because of its social geography of Russia is very similar to dinosaur, which due to its large size all the vital processes and metabolism was extremely slow. In it 20% of the population is concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the remaining 80% are unevenly scattered over a vast territory. In result, the dinosaur named Russia lags far behind in social development from the Ukraine, the Baltic States, even from the Caucasus, and closer in this aspect to Kazakhstan and Central Asia, including Kyrgyzstan kind of exception. In addition, the Kremlin consciously inhibit social development throughout this vast territory.

The occupation of the Crimea was a sharp blow on the brakes, which for several years has pushed Russia back, and carried away its inhabitants ideas of colonial conquest. Now Russia is again returned to the starting point in 2011-2012, but in a different situation: Crimea and a lot of new problems, born of his annexation. The Kremlin is trying to get out from under them, retaining for themselves the Peninsula. It’s also hopeless as to pour water in burning the forest or stand the respirator on the polluted highway – kind of helps, but only partly. The source of the problem does not disappear, but the gauze bandage protects from exhaust gases is very conditional, and even a gas mask will not eliminate them, especially if you decide to stay on the road forever.

The Kremlin wants to live forever on the sacred highway “Tauris”, and let the mask of “Iskander”, but he’s pushed sanctions and other problems, including a deficit on the Peninsula water and the deteriorating environmental situation. The last two in the Kremlin thought to solve scientific, but as a study of the Crimea was carried out by Russian scientists, and the recipes they gave Soviet-Russian.

Another great and most progressive on the planet Soviet managers vtulit in the Crimea the production of titanium raw material for which was taken from the Zhytomyr region. It seems that the main reason for the choice of the Crimea for its placement was the availability of land, which they believed was not sacred, and unsuitable for economic use. On it and decided to make a “tailing” from titanium dioxide production. In 2018, the Russian gunners “accurate” hit in one of them exacerbated two problems. One of them was old. It well can be illustrated by the example of the Kursk magnetic anomaly, where “tailing” has created dozens of miles of lifeless space. In the Crimea around Armyansk the same problem, but only smaller in scale. But the Crimea is also less.

Another problem is the Russian occupation. As a result of its on Crimea Titan steel watch how to trade, doomed to closure, and air filters were not replaced. Financially, it makes sense, but harmful to health. “Trailer” came out and the problem of water shortage in the Crimea, which for Dzhankoysky district became new and relevant because of the occupation. “Crimean Titan”, unlike the rice growers, production is not curtailed.

On the question of natural water in the Crimea, the academics from Russia are assured and assured the Kremlin: they will last for a long time, almost 3 million people residing on the Peninsula. The option of closing the channel in the Kremlin counted before the occupation. Practitioners, not academics more skeptical, because they do not believe that the groundwater in the Crimea, capable of cumulopuntia intensive fence. The mechanics of this process are not very clear.

For rainfall hopes too much no – 2020, the Crimea and the black sea area will enter the dry cycle, which typically lasts 5-7 years. If Russia will continue to burn for 2-3 million hectares of forest a year and glow in the truest sense of the atmosphere, as it was in the last 10 years, that precipitation will clearly be even less. It is likely, in the Russian Federation forests will continue to burn in order to mitigate the effect of the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth to the Taimyr, as this will complicate and increases the cost of production there is hydrocarbons, but without the collapse of the Putin regime is provided.

In summary: with the underground water reserves in Crimea not all is clear, scientists big rains do not foresee global warming threatens the planet, and the magnetic North pole shifts to the Taimyr with catastrophic speed, how it is like to write in the Internet. The collapse of Putin’s regime and the disintegration of the Russian Federation is also moving at the speed of magnetic poles.

Is it a big problem, but there is little – Kremlin “threw” the EU with the agreement on the return of the Russian Federation in PACE in exchange for the release of the sailors, and then exchange “all for all”. In Poland by September 1, arrive trump, to talk to all the participants of the Second world war about the coming of the Third world. The delegation of the Russian Federation and Putin to this meeting on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war, was not invited for three reasons. First, for “kidok” with PACE and sailors. Second, for the occupation of Crimea, war in Syria, which Moscow is now intensified – in a word for the Third world war, which it conducts hybrid methods. Thirdly, for the fact that the Kremlin still does not want to admit its contribution to the beginning of the Second world war, but love to praise the contribution of grandparents in its end and pull it into grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The lack of Putin’s invitation to Poland is a slap in the face to the Kremlin even more powerful than the one he in 2014, weighed at the G20 summit in the Australian city of Brisbane. Indeed, he is there to do, if in Poland will be discussing the topic of how to end Third world war, which is a continuation of the Second because Stalin did not sit in the Nuremberg dock next to the leadership of the Third Reich.

After this meeting in Poland in Washington will fly the Ukrainian delegation headed by Zelensky for further details as we continue to “work” with Russia. From 1 October the United States will begin the new fiscal year, and the whole state machine bude to actively develop the money allocated to “work” with Russia. It always happens at the beginning of the financial year. Then the UN General Assembly in new York, where Russia is waiting for surprises. Fall will begin to regularly meet the PACE and it “have sex” with Russia for sailors, for Ukraine, for beaten by demonstrators in Moscow, for a fair day of voting in Russia and everything else. Then Britain finally leaves the EU, so to speak, in commemoration of this event, Boris Johnson has promised new sanctions of the Russian Federation. Johnson wants to go down in the history of the second Churchill, and he made a temporary Alliance against Hitler with the devil in the guise of Stalin. In 2020, the US presidential elections and the best gift that Donald trump will present all his critics – the disappearance of the Russian Federation. Trump may well believe, as he broke through the Congress and the Senate the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. Therefore able to carry and the Kremlin wall. For the demolition of trump and asks himself presidential powers for another term. I suspect they will.

What makes this situation the Kremlin? If a word, trying to bargain. In his usual boorish manner he proposed to Ukraine to give water to the Crimea, or will it sue in international courts for the water of the Dnieper, flowing to us from Russia. If they so desired, let them be built in Smolensk region the dam on the river and collect it there. Zhirinovsky threatened to do so in 2014, major floods in the Smolensk region was not very long ago, all far East, sorry. Can even flood the entire Smolensk region and return it to the Belarusians in the sea. Lukashenko will be glad to sea him in the household.

The idea of a court for water announced August 12, not some Zhirinovsky, and Georgy Muradov, permanent representative of Putin to the Crimea. An official nowhere. It’s almost as if Putin himself said. TASS was authorized to confirm it. The obvious meaning of delusional statements Muradova and the Kremlin alone. If you are not afraid of a dam Zhirinovsky, then fear, at least the international court of justice, sit down with us at the negotiating table, give the water in the Crimea in exchange for all prisoners of war of Ukrainians in Russia, and we as a bonus will give you half of the political prisoners of the Russians. That’s all we’ve Overeem and start a war.

A typical style of the Kremlin to negotiate with the neighbors, when pressed. But if the Kremlin began to wriggle and to think about international courts, it clearly indicates, the Crimea is pushing Putin’s regime to collapse, and the Russian Federation – to the collapse.