Crimea refuses to love Russia

Крым отказывается любить Россию

Occupiers in Sevastopol in honor of Russia Bottom unfurled a giant flag. Propagator*us happily reported that “it took more than a hundred people.”

On the resource “Outpost”, where for centuries uporotyh hated Ukraine, commented: “if this flag is, suggest it to hang on the perimeter fence on the construction site in Batiliman, to the “submerged people” (C) in Sevastopol, passing on the Yalta highway, seeing it, not worried about what is happening and feel the unity with the government and with the EP!”,

“The flag’s unfurled… But from the balcony, as in 2014-2015, flags poischezali. But it says much more about the attitude of power”, “good point. You know what else I noticed? Until 2015 (especially in the Ukrainian period) for any occasion, be it Day Navy, Nezalezhnosti, birth, many people chanted “Russia! Russia!”. And shouting everywhere – from the Nakhimov square on holidays until midnight drinking in my yard. I do this in any city not noticed. But lately, as the 4 years I ceased to hear such, even on holidays.

Demonstration”, “a couple of years of the “Paradise”, and will scream, but it won’t be “Russia”“, “Usually at these events a lot of people, but here and not see anyone!“, “Something went wrong”, “After the releasing of Batiliman, Chersonesos none of the locals want to see the flags of a new country.

For local it is important that Victory Park remains a squirrel. To the ladder on the Fiolent did not destroy the workers. And most importantly, “Russian world” killed in our city small and medium business”, “Until the local Sevastopol is open a free passage in the village to the Parking lot to the beach, as it was during the time of Ukraine, and will be “more than a hundred people” to carry your flag. Others do not care. Very large consists of very small”, “Flags can be hung, if your country provides parents a pension of at least 2,000 euros”, “When “your” country will provide a pension of 2,000 euros, then role models will be other countries, which by that time the pension will be € 4,000″, “local Opinion will be taken into account only when the authorities will Sevastopol”.

Kerch and the Bottom of Russia. Our people in the occupation write: “Today (Prim – 12.06.2019) berths Bulo duzhe nebagato swatkowski. As a direct veselom Buli. And today yakos quiet.” The pictures speak for themselves. Blown away Raska in Crimea specifically. But phonehow – darkness that would have been to create a crowd.

Residents Yana-Kapu (Krasnoperekopsk) also looked at the American-British TV series about Chernobyl: “Watch TV series Chernobyl. I catch myself thinking that even blead’, 30 years later nothing has changed. “Scoop the brain”. The accident occurred, the emissions there, but not to panic, all the indicators are normal. And when it inhaled, carry out the evacuation. Who do not understand the analogy with the Armenian Titan, there is no Analogy. There’s a lot been done. Though not all right and not in time. And the Armenian…”, “it has always been and will be in the country of slaves. Because myself do not care, nobody cares”, “a Good show”. I will add that Putin ordered NTV to shoot a series about Chernobyl. In the story, “blame” for the disaster to be a CIA agent, who heroically tries to stop the KGB. I told the bottom in Russia. And they call themselves “fighters against the falsification of history”

PS Sevastopol quilted jackets refuse to love Russia and are ready in the near future to call Ukraine. No love for Ukraine, they are not inspired. They just loved everything that was given them by our country. But they realized it only when Russia they began to take everything away. And again focuses attention on the fact that the message contained in the third paragraph of today’s digest, taken from the cotton resource in the Crimea (“Outpost”), which competes with, except that Sevastopol forum. Now imagine to what stage has reached the other inhabitants of the Peninsula, which see the difference between the free and the now occupied Crimea.

Крым отказывается любить Россию

Крым отказывается любить Россию