Crimea supported the initiative with the nomination of Cuban doctors for the Nobel prize

Крым поддержал инициативу с выдвижением кубинских врачей на Нобелевскую премию

The brigade of Cuban doctors name Henry Reeve are invited to nominate for the Nobel peace prize by 2020 for the fight against COVID-19. Photo: Lydia Vedova

Crimea vote “for”

– Crimea supported this initiative – said the “Crimean newspaper” the Chairman of the Crimean regional branch of the Russian society of friendship with Cuba, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko.

Recall that the coronavirus has affected the 185 countries of the world.

– This year, a special team from the island of freedom in connection with the threats of the pandemic, for the first time went to Europe. In March, doctors from Havana worked in Andorra, and in early April it began to fight the epidemic in the cities of Italy. A total of 2579 Cuban doctors brigade named after Henry Reeve assisted in the fight against COVID-19 in 24 countries. Everything that happens in 2020 is not only a test for the global health systems and global understanding of the force of joint action, – said Irina Kiviko.

The therapeutic effect of solidarity

The international contingent of doctors of a brigade named after Henry Reeve, specialized in disaster situations and epidemics, was established in 2005. Today, it includes 7500 health workers. The medical team provided assistance during emergencies in dozens of countries, including the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The world-famous medical team the name of Henry Riva received in 2017 award from the world health organization.

In April 2020, the French Association for Cuba Linda started a petition calling for the Cuban doctors give the Nobel peace prize. And today more than a hundred of European and Latin American organizations joined the request to award the Nobel peace prize to the International contingent of doctors Henry Reeve.

– Following these humanistic principles, we support the initiative to nominate for the award of the Nobel peace prize by 2020 the brigade of Cuban doctors name Henry Reeve, who made a significant contribution in saving the lives and health of people in more than 20 countries of the world – summed Irina Kiviko in circulation.


The leader of the French Parliament Andre Hassan appeal upheld the award of the Nobel peace prize to the Cuban medical brigade named after Henry Reeve, fighting the pandemic Covid-19 around the world, calling them an example of solidarity.

Island sent doctors to many countries, and researchers from Cuba and had provided very useful tools to deal with different diseases, – said the politician and added that condemns the blockade of the island of freedom imposed by the US and its escalation, despite the consequences Covid-19.