Crimeans did not allow the transformation of the Peninsula into a hot spot – Aksenov

Крымчане не допустили превращения полуострова в горячую точку - Аксенов

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov greeted the people of the Peninsula with the Republic Day, calling a referendum on the Crimean autonomy in 1991, the only chance to avoid Ukrainization and the transformation of the Peninsula into a hot spot.

“Dear Crimeans! I cordially congratulate you on the Day of the Republic of Crimea! This is a momentous date of the modern history of Crimea. January 20, 1991, the peoples of the Peninsula in a referendum on state and legal status of the region voted unanimously for the restoration of the Crimean autonomy within the Soviet Union,” – wrote the head of the Crimea on his page in Facebook.

Aksenov said that 28 years ago, the referendum in the Crimea took place against the backdrop of the economic crisis in the country and ethnic conflicts. The choice of the inhabitants of the Republic at the time, according to the current head, was the first step on the way to Russia, “the prologue to “the Crimean spring”. But nearly a quarter of a century the region had to live in conditions of “isolation from Russia, economic decline, the constant injection of international tension”.

“However, we managed to avoid the worst-case scenario and avoid making our Peninsula a hot spot. In many respects, the Autonomous status has helped us to resist the aggressive Ukrainization, to remain part of the Russian world, to maintain stability and harmony. And, ultimately, to return home, leaving behind the “ice age” of the Ukrainian annexation”, – said Sergey Aksenov in his congratulatory speech and thanked all of the Crimean love of country and strong civil position.