Crimeans told how to deliver food from restaurants in the conditions of self-isolation

Крымчанам рассказали, как правильно доставлять еду из ресторанов в условиях самоизоляции

Rospotrebnadzor has developed recommendations for the delivery of finished products from catering under conditions of restrictive measures. It is reported by the Ministry of Information of RK with reference to the inter-regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol.

So, finished products, prepared under conditions of food service in compliance with all requirements of the technology of preparation and quality of thermally processed, hermetically packaged in disposable dishes and folded in a disposable, tight-fitting packages. Disposable tableware and packages in the future utilized by the customer.

The courier should have a personal medical book with access to work and to be certified at the rate of the bare minimum. It is provided with means of individual protection (mask, gloves), is supplied with disinfectants (skin antiseptics), wearing uniform clothing, including disposable headgear.

Courier specialized transport should be to the point of delivery. At the time of delivery he should be wearing a mask and gloves. When transferring packaged food to the customer, it in gloves takes money, putting them in a plastic bag. After the release of the package utilized.

On his return to the organization of public catering, courier takes off robe and hat, PPE, gloves, thoroughly wash and disinfect hands, wash the face. At the end of the working day uniforms will also change and is subjected to washing and disinfection.

Term of realization of finished products, including shipping time should not exceed 1.5 hours, the date and time of production are indicated on the label.

Catering for the delivery of food products are obliged to allocate a special transport, which at the end of the day cleaned and disinfected by the organization.

For hygienic treatment of hands can be used skin antisepsis with alcohol (at least 70% by weight), isopropyl alcohol (at least 60% by weight) or a mixture of alcohols (at least 60% by weight), and perfumes and cosmetics (liquids, lotions, gels, disposable wipes) with the same alcohol content.

Крымчанам рассказали, как правильно доставлять еду из ресторанов в условиях самоизоляции