Criticism of the company “Tesla” is looking for money for production of electric vehicles

Компания критика «Теслы» ищет деньги на выпуск электромобилей

Via Motors hopes to raise $ 250 million

American company VIA Motors hired a consultant to find investors willing to invest $ 250 million, according to Bloomberg. Thus, the total investment in VIA Motors will amount to $ 1 billion.

If you’ve never heard of VIA Motors, this American company was established in 2009. It is interesting in particular the fact that its Board of Directors is headed by Bob Lutz, the charismatic Manager of the American automobile industry, which in different years was Vice-President of Ford, then the head of the first Chrysler and then General Motors.

In recent years, Luts, however, is better known as one of the most outspoken critics of “Tesla”. And he is not criticizing electric cars as such, and the business concept by Elon musk. According to Luca, the ruin of Tesla is only a matter of time, while a bankrupt company no one will buy it, because the giants will be easier to create their own electric cars.

It is amazing that VIA Motors creates just electric cars. More precisely, it deals with the alteration of pickups, SUVs and hatchbacks manufactured by General Motors in serial hybrids with a recharging capability.

In such machines set a relatively modest battery, which is not enough for 100 kilometers, and gasoline, which directly is not connected with the wheels, and serves only to recharge the batteries.

The apparent technical shortcomings, such hybrids have one advantage. They formally recognized electric cars and hence they are subject to state subsidies.

About the success of VIA Motors not much is known. A few years ago the company made about three hundred cars and gave them to the test to commercial carriers. Since then, news from VIA Motors was not, and at the time of writing this news, the company website was not working.

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