Critics verdict Minecraft Dungeons

Критики вынесли вердикт Minecraft Dungeons

May 26 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will Minecraft Dungeons, unusual view of the universe most popular “sandbox” in the world. An embargo on publishing reviews finally subsided and journalists have already managed to share first impressions.

By the time of this writing, the game has collected 11 reviews from various publications, with a score of 76 out of 100. The rating in the reviews varies from 90 to 65, but in almost all publications read a certain leitmotif: the journalists as if trying to say the same thing, but for some reason put different marks in their conclusions. For example, the author of the site Attack of the Fanboy set Minecraft Dungeons 80 points and described the game as follows:

Minecraft Dungeons – this is a charming dungeon crawler, which can not boast of sufficient depth to replace the competition, but he’s still good at what offers.

The journalist of the portal Stevivor, in turn, rated the game at a more modest 65 points and described it this way:

Minecraft Dungeons fun, but not amazing. Much funnier was joking in chatting with their friends who happily shoot anywhere than to play seriously. We just set the difficulty on the recommended level and played, getting new equipment and prokatilas. The game is like not putting any obstacles in the passage, and gives easy to achieve, there’s no need to commit.

Both journalists said about the same thing: the game is not enough depth to engage hardcore gamers. But somehow it gave her a different assessment. However, a certain impression about Minecraft Dungeons can be folded for their review and without taking into account the final figures it was a rather casual game for children than a serious representative of the genre.