Crooks: what kind of trouble you can run into when looking for a job in the river

Мошенники: на какую неприятность можно нарваться при поиске работы в Днепре

The club talked about the different cases that happened to them in interviews.

A resident of the city decided to raise the issue on the subject of what sometimes happens when looking for work in the river. Specifically – Irina told me about the ad is most likely placed the scammers and what to expect from interviews. First described by dnepryanka case as for jobs like “assistant Manager” and “looking for a good man”, which is usually promised a salary of 10 thousand (and in some cases more).

On arrival at this interview, says Irina, a person claim that you need to undergo training. After it turns out that you should buy a book for a purely symbolic amount – for example, 100 hryvnia. Naturally, employment will not, as they will have the opportunity to cash in on the townspeople. Also popular ads like “movers warehouse” and “controllers to the warehouse.” In such cases, often, says Irina, similar to the first. The only difference is in the job description.

In addition, said dnepryanka about the sad case of vacancies “packer of tea and coffee”, “surveillance operator” and others. Here, the fraudsters, according to the woman, act a little differently. On the phone, who wrote in the ad, often talking about changing the business number and then asked to call back. In the end, people call the listed number and he starts asking questions, trying longer to hold on the line. The result – the money spent for the conversation and no work.